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  1. The landrate for skills also seems lower .I offen miss stabs twice in a row with pw (max dex,focus death,mortal strike+10) .I dont think this is normal .I cant even imagine TH ,their landrate should be abysmal now .
  2. Crit power of course u need (buffs and epics if u afford) .You dont need crit chance buffs .Skill crit for skills is based on STR .For aw i recommend not cripple your STR too much with dies cause of this reason only .I think +5dex -5str and +4 wit is the way to go .With 36 str u will still skill crit arround 20 % .
  3. * Reworked blow damage formula following l2off, in between P.Atk. now affects blow damage. What does this mean ?From my tests the difference in damage is so small that its not worth sacrificing buffslots for patk buffs or taking str dies . Here is the test on dummy : Damage with 408 patk:-15 str dies (no buffs that increase just patk) https://imgur.com/a/hyQdTJA Damage with 1085 patk:plated leather ,+5str,might,g.might,dance of warrior https://imgur.com/a/IuvHFrg
  4. Zaken is missing from the map .
  5. Its a noobtrap class .If someone who doesnt know wants to make an es ,he needs level up to 79 just to find out that magnus summon is useless and needs to reroll .Hiting 500 damage on this b grade bots with Tidal Wave it really kills this es class .It should hit at least 1-1.5k damage to b graders to be decent .
  6. Isnt power for this magic skill 250 or something like that ?Yet it hits twice as much as hydro screw ,a skill that has 55 power ,while Magnus has more matk .
  7. Jester


    l2 is fantasy ,can beat any movie .
  8. .I saw in classic their range penalty from rapid fire is just 5 % .Maybe applying something similar in interlude would make this class a little more popular .
  9. Jester


    Thats a good ideea ,no more open oly .But there should be a minimum ammount of events played so nolifers cannot abuse this as unlimited feed resource .Also make oly 1 day per week 10 games max and increase rewards .Lets say top 5 should win something good enough to stimulate players to participate .
  10. Jester


    Olympiad is fine and also irrelevant.Hero weapons dont matter since enchanted S weapons are better .Its just for egomaniac people .If u have issues with glad/tyrants than make ol .This is your best bet to beat this classes .There is no balance features inside olympiad .And i doubt Emerald will start changing this now .
  11. U was right about TSS .It was just me missenterpreting the descrption .It seems in classic 1 momentum comsumed by such a skill is arround 10 % extra damage .A skill like TSS use 3 so as long u are at minimum 3 u will meet this criteria and deliver 30 % more damage,it doesnt require to have max momentum .And its like this for all force/sonic skills .
  12. I know all duelist/tyrant skills provides more damage if they have momentum .But from skills description it says TSS delivers another 30 % extradamage if its max charged .I just did read the description nothing more . About reflect damage ,i really doubt its supossed to work this way .U deal 0 damage to someone underbarrier .It shouldnt reflect any damage back . And about evasion skill from pw .From my understanding and reading abit on internet on official forums about it ,this skill should provide about 70 % dodge .But in practice its nothing like that .Dunno if it provides any dodge in fact .
  13. TSS from glad doesnt deliver more damage when is max charged,its same damage with 7 or 8 momentum and description says otherwise . Reflect damage works under barrier .U can basically charge into zerg pop the barrier and some dummies will go suicide while u are invincible and doing nothing . Also i saw u fixed mirage from th .Maybe take a look into evasion skill from pw as well.This one i dont know if its bugged or not cause never played classic before but this skill doesnt deliver much dodge vs combat skills .
  14. Archer is broken .Stop cover your friend . Do u even comprehend what 4k damage in 8 k pdef means ????????Got any clues ?????? 90% of server is running arround 2k pdef .Wich this means 15k+ damage . And whats wrong with me hiting u 5k ?Im rank 70 .I bet a rank 20 archer with abit of gear can hit u 5k easy .Can a rank 20 titan hit u 5k damage like archer do ?Thats impossible .And thats because archer is broken .
  15. Just saying cause pw with evasion+ue ,archer still hits u at high chance with skills .And im also getting 4k in 8kpdef(ic set+guts) from a +16 draco bow guy.Just imagine robes what damage take if i take such damage :) with high defensive pdef .I know its draco bow+16 but still ,doesnt feel right to me......Any chance of rebalance this archer class ? Archer is also the only class that at low rank can still put some high numbers to high ranks .Not a single other class can do that beside archer .
  16. Also i want to say that i was able to make oly games with henchman .Dont think this was intended as well .Henchmans shouldnt be able to play oly and noblesse or not there there should be a rank requirement to be able play oly .
  17. https://imgur.com/a/oLJ7IEq I want to know what Emerald has to say about this ?
  18. Is this intended here on l2ovc ?If for example some nolifers who has all the gear that he wants ,he can just alt chars give them gears and take hero from active people .
  19. If its just 40 attribute defense for 1 element than its useless .Attack/defense would make more sense but many things dont make sense about this classic .
  20. https://imgur.com/a/YCr3HEc Cant get my hero ,i have 9 games .Yet im not qualified .