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  1. Jester


    Whats with this poison augments :) .I got it at least 10 timess chance to poison ,real talk .The server is trolling us .
  2. Jester


    At least Emerald should consider the chance variant of the buffs augment last as much as the active ones .This would double the odds .Still an improvement and we would have at least some chance augments that would be usefull .
  3. Jester


    .I searched 1 of this 4 augments to help at least 1 of the classes i play meaning either dagger or archer .The augments i searched for are shield,refresh,might and dm .Got none of this .Over 1 million its alot by server standards and by 2 weeks span .Dont think the average players farms 100k adena per day .Maybe top player does wich can mean over 1 week of farm .If it was retail type server ofc would be normal ,cause server doesnt die after 1-2 weeks .U can always try again without worrying server might die meanwhile .
  4. Jester


    And 1 more thing .This aint a complaint .Its a suggestion to fix something that in my opinion is broken .Its not for personal gain ,the season reached a dead point anyway .From my suggestion everybody that plays would benefit from a better suited augmentation system and would be an improvement for the future seasons.This is my last post about it .Gm can do whatever he wants ,if he wants to keep it like this its his choice .
  5. Jester


    This is funny .I did reach endgame after 1 week except valakas wich i did buy it .People talk just to talk .I did spend over 1 milion adena,lost count maybe even more .I aimed for 1 of 4 active augments .And still didnt got any of this .Still dont have any offensive augments .Like someone said ,why we have retail chance augmentation when server doesnt last more than 2 weeks .Just make it to suit a pvp faction server . And there are useless augments that really need to be deleted .Like open chests or kiss of eva and so on .And btw all chance augments are useless .They are just there to make it harder for the player .Even if u get a chance augment ,it triggers for 1 minute while the active lasts 3 hours .
  6. Jester

    Just an ideea

    Why not make c grade enchants free or put +16 c grade items in shop instead of this shadow items ?This shadow items wont make any difference for the new fresh players .Anyway this might be too late for this season ,but apply this for the next seasons .
  7. Jester


    Or better i have another suggestion that i can think off .In general there are 4 types of augments :active,chance,passive,others (red/blue/yellow) . Give 25 % chance for each category i described and the likelihood of people finding the augment they aiming for would slightly increase .Also need increase life stone droping chance be same as ews at least .
  8. Jester


    I dont like the augmentation system .This is pvp server right ?So why do i need spend hundreds and hundreds of stones (this when LS is a rare comodity) just to have a chance to get one of the augments i desire .You need increase life stone chances and eliminate many of this useless augments that makes us waste adena and time .
  9. Jester

    buff slots

    Buffslots wise glads/tyrants and daggers are just fine .They can stack resists pretty much there shouldnt be issues .The problem is with other fighter classes .Try for example play a paladin or a titan . BTW if u care about atk speed dont go -dex .S duals or fists health are way better than a grade ,it allows u to go +5 Str +4 Dex -9 con .I know this is theory crafting but the difference between +4 dex and -9 dex is 13 dex .Thats 13 % atk speed right there .If u get a weapon that boost your health it kinda compensates for the -con dyes .
  10. Jester


    ANyway dont want to just complain but i have a suggestion for emerald to fix the issue and that is to make them less random .Make a schedule for all bosses to respawn at a fixed hour .Also distribute their respawn in such a way to be uniform during a cycle of time(1 day perhaps) .Also let the information of their respawn time be displayed on the tablet .And when they get online ,the very next map the boss fight shoould be spawned them so the players can kill them .
  11. Jester


    I dont like this epic system either .U can be active and still miss important bosses .Its too much of a gamble ,even for active people they can get epics such sailren,core,orfen in their playtime .I play active and i missed almost all important bosses for the last 3-4 days ,just core sailren and such .Also yesterday i waited baium for like 8 hours it was on but bosses that werent even online at point of my logging kept spawning (Core and ORfen) instead Baium who was still on when i went to sleep . While casuals are even more in trouble ,the server has a higher chance to die 1st before they get a valakas or a baium .The epic system needs be more friendly for all categories .Cause right now it favors nolifers that can be ingame 20+ hours per day .
  12. Its abit sad to see mages with enchanted AM than people with DB .And there is a reason for that .I know the enchant rate is the same for all .But should be this way ?Mages are the best adena farmers so ofc they can farm more enchants .So with more enchants they have better weapons than anyone .And IMO this is just wrong .
  13. If u afford the money u get more pdef if its same enchanted .
  14. Its just 1 wit .Probably ~ 6 % less cast but u get a nice tradeoff in more pdef and stun resist .MA set with this bonus is much better than previous one with matk bonus.Pretty much viable .
  15. U cant have same cast speed ,DC robes gives 1 extra wit ,ofc u get a little more cast .
  16. Read custome server features bro ,its indended .15 % more cast is way better than 17 % matk .Now mages have a reason to buy s armor .
  17. Jester


    No there shouldnt be any cloaks .Stop with useless modifications .Unless its something usefull there is no point .The more modifications the more chance u get critical errors with this client .
  18. Jester

    Tatoo bug?

    Can be this fixed ?If some geared healer get some of this tatoo ,they are invincible .And mages having more pdef with magnus like they got COV .It ruins the balance in server .
  19. Jester


    SPS and SPH crap ?This is the 1st time i hear this.All mages are very strong the difference is just flavor .
  20. Its just an observation .This doesnt mean dagger is unplayable .It just means their stabs will miss sometimes .Wich wasnt the case in the past seasons .Dont make it sound like its an alarm of any kind .
  21. Agree with you .Make ES usefull one way or another .And tyrant/glad should be nerfed either aoe or just in general ,not both at the same time .If their aoe got nerfed the other pre AOE nerfs should be removed .
  22. Maybe because its AOE ,and gm doesnt want things escalate ,for example a bunch of people making ES and AOE all over the place .Like in glad/tyrant cases .But if some class gets a nerf ,he should receive a buff somewhere else my opinion .Cause right now ES are just useless .And this should apply to tyrants/glads as well since their aoe potential is gone .
  23. At least geodata and issues with pathfinding and hiting under chase seems alot better .
  24. Last time i played gve in interlude on dagger ,aw/pw didnt have such issues .I can tell it was at least 90 % chance or even more for aw/pw 78+ .Something has changed thats for sure .This seems more like a nerf than rather a change to improve daggers .
  25. But its not fine with focus death .Maybe there is the problem ?Its not end of the world ,but missing 2 times or even 3 times in a row doesnt feel like pw I tested vs dummy with lethal and happend quite offen.This was not the case in the past seasons .Seems pw/aw stabs land rate are more like in classic rather than interlude .