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  1. Hey thanks for the tips .So there must be alot of players that have no clue whats going with the server this days .And no info whatsoever unless u search and read like a madman .There should also be guideline for this new addons :stats/abilities/element .I have no clue whats going on with this .Or if those matters .
  2. Delete bishops .They are the real cancer to the server .
  3. Do mage have to run into crowds ?You sound like an idiot .U compare 900 range class to a 0 range class .Just go play and stop talking .
  4. so we should take "mages are the most powerfull " for granted and we should ride with that slogan .Any other class that dares to be powerfull other than mage needs be nerfed .Gotcha.
  5. And do the same with the mages .Why would anyone play other class other than mage .Dagger is the only option left beside mage .
  6. I made clan lv 6 but cannot learn clan skills .The only one available is clan imperium .
  7. I dont agree with you .Mage is one of the strongest classes even in endgame .They lose the domination for a bit in the midgame but once they get valakas and gear to boost their defenses they are again back on top . And u right on the money about melee classes .Its not just stun ,its the entire debuff system:cancels,doom,fear,archer stunshot etc .Even with resists from epics and buffs u are still susceptible to debuffs .....wich shouldnt be the case .And whos more susceptible to getting debuffed more other than melees ????Range classes can stay at 900 range evoiding all this debuff madness while melee classes cannot .
  8. Even if heals power is lowered ....What about their ability to balance or restore or give celestial and resurect?Majority plays without a healer ,they dont benefit from this so they play at big handicap . Just think about it a tyrant and bishop in a party .Tyrant by himself can have very fast barrier .That tyrant that made rank 70 after 1 day had perma healer .
  9. Ah and i forgot to mention geodata .Its year 2021 and melees still have thiss big uphill to fight against called geodata .Its so easy to stuck in any corner or any obstacles .Its a freakin nightmare .Open maps are actually the best for them cause less obstacles to get stuck in ,wich sound like an aberation .
  10. L2ovc became 1 week season .It doesnt make sence to start to play again .Server doesnt make any sence .I can give my example ,I mean u start archer ,u go through pain like for 5 days cause no geared archers are garbage .And when u finally get some gear ,server is starting to decay ,u already know its a matter of time a couple of days and its done......From this point of view server is unbalanced .If server is 1 week long than all classes need be same as good during that time .Its a server for abusers .U start with the class that abuse the most the early game (tyrant/glad/mages) than transition into the next fotm meaning mages/archers and after that server dies cause the gap is too big (im quessing here ) . Than there are the usual bots with 24/7 permahealers from the abusers category that i was talking about .They love to kill low geared players that have lower offline play or started later .I mean server had such bots even in 5 vs 6 last time i logged .......Sorry but healers in faction server ????Another stupid thing that doesnt make sence .Why gm never tried without healers for 1 season at least ????It cant be worst than 1 week season .There can be alot of things to be experimented to prolongue server and to make more fair play for the majority ,meaning the regular players that dont play without healers and dont abuse certain things .Server feels like a lame speedrun nowadays for some nolifer bots with permahealers 24/7 farming lower geared and lower ranks . Than there is the ranking system .After 1 day there was a rank 70 tyrant .WTF ?I played arround 10 hours per day as archer and couldnt reach rank 70 even after 1 week .So this means why some classes can rank 6 times faster than others ?????Ranks means alot cause u get passives for free that makes quite a difference . Than there is the debuff system i dont know whats going on .Like seriously after being stunlocked/detarget locked from 2 archers low ranks stunshoting i took resist shock,mental shield ,had zaken lv2 .ANd quess what ?????It didnt make any difference .THis is freakin interlude .U cant have debuff system from other chapters .Melees are some dummies (exclude glad/tyrants cause they still have ranged attacks) .If u play a melee other than tyrant prepare for pain and look like a clown .U will get cancels,stunlocked and stundetargeted at high rate landing rate because resists from buffs/gear and epics dont work like it should in interlude .Everything is layed on a red carpet for the range classes to thrive ... . Than there is the epic system .It should be called lottery system .Sides can win 50 % rate np ,but quess what players cannot .Even when your sides win there is a rish u will be hijacked to the losing side .Im sorry but i dont think im exagerating when im saying i lost like 70-80 % of this bosses .Most of the time i was picked on the losing side .Mantras system is stupid ,what was wrong with adena as it was before ????At least before mantras system u had priorities and couldnt spend it and get everything at once .Now mantra system makes it so that u can get everything at once ,another thing that advantages nolifers .Most things are in nolifers favor and bots on this server...... Than there is augment system .Like seriously another lottery system .Why we have retail augmenting system ,meaning we can get poison,bleed,open chests ,kiss of eva and alot of other trash augments that makes us spend alot of time and stones with both of this resouces server doesnt have cause after 1 week server dies and stones are quite rare . I dont want too look totally like an ungrateful asshole ,but i dont care this time i will speak how i feel cause im really disapointed .Also i understand its not totally server side fault .L2ovc community must be some of the lame l2 communities and they are big reason as well.But still cant ignorethe features that gm made it for nolifers and abusers to thrive .
  11. And its not just the bad geodata that works against melees .Im also disapointed with what hi5 has become ,its an abomination .Archer fiesta in hi5 ,they hit the most damage lulz from 1k+ range ,they also dont have short range penalties like they should have. ?.Hi5 was never an archer chapter but whatever....i understant the need of tetrislude players to play f1 class so gm made it easy for them .Too bad at the cost of players that want to play a melee class as they were in hi5 just to find out that its actually a nightmare . If its not hi5 than when someone can play a melee class and enjoy it ?Anyway i didnt want to make my own post about it ,dont want too much negative publicity .But this is just my opinion and i put it here as a reply in someone else topic .
  12. Emerald ,mages do really block at high clip .Im talking here 90 % or higher with proper buffs (bless shield and clan buffs ) .A sagi lv 80 with a db+10 aq/baium is criting a geared mage with shield under 2k damage like almost every arrow .Shield is now as good as armors for them ,so mages they do benefit more from enchants .Also lets not forget mages already benefit from enchanting mage weapons like fighters do . You can experiment by yourself with someone in a duel cause would be much harder for me to prove you that .I think u need take serious this claim cause im not trolling .
  13. It cant be just 5 % .This augments might be bugged than .Me and Bog made duels,we both had db +11 and we both were on pr(dead eye activated for both),the difference is that he had might passive+dm active and he was hitting me 1000 more damage .I was hiting him ~3300 ,he was hiting me ~4300 .Thats 30 % more damage difference . I think u need check this augments yourself ,something might not be right .And another anomaly that i found but it was previous seasons is that passive focus was giving me 150+ critical rate forgot on what weapon i had that .U might check this one too .
  14. Dunno I feel like once some people reach s grade ,its a downfall from there .People rather quit than grinding and having the same items .So what Emerald needs to do is to delay the endgame items as much as possible by locking the S , and maybe even by making A grade craftable . THe enchanting is fine .We had no crazy weapons in like 10 days after the server start .Now people are just enchanting cause they are gambling their accounts and dont give a damm.
  15. Emerald can u please clarify this for us the players.I know its a custom bonus ,thats why im asking .
  16. For epics i think all epics should be right away available except for valakas and baium since it costs mantras and to be able spend them for those who whant 2nd tier boss jewels and aq is really necessary for rogues/archers to compete .It wont be unbalanced vs mages since most people will just take AQ and keep the mantras for baium/valakas after this jewels are unlocked (2nd week).This would mean also for them to not require tts jewels since this are locked .
  17. -lock s grade items 1st week .When S grade is unlocked ,also unlock a grade shadow items and after 1 more week unlock s grade shadow items -reduce the ammount of adena from either scroll of adena or the base adena ,or both . The reason for this 2 suggestions is obviously for balance purposes (no more s grade nolifers killing b graders after 1-2 days after the start and since no s grade in 1st weak increase the grind to get a grade items .
  18. I need clear the OP to be on point and clear some of the ramblings .Shield block rate is the main issue .Its really 100 % or very close against archer .So my exact suggestions are: -reduce chance for classes that arent tanks to not block 100 % arrows -and 2nd suggestion is to go back to retail enchant rates .Meaning no more fix rate for enchanting armors .
  19. 2 classes are at the top of pyramid and i speak here about healers and mages .There is no balance ,stacked mages can do alot more kills than other dds (archers,daggers,glad,tyrants and so on) .My educaded quess is that is like this since the patch where u "fixed" the block rate for shields ,u added DC Robe set in form of S grade and made enchanting armors like enchanting weapons .The shield blocks about 33 % damage from archer(in my case from what i see) and its 100 % rate frontally for this 2 OP classes .I never saw anything like this before on any other server before honestly .And even if its "legit" this is a balance issue .U really need adress that for the next upcomming seasons imo if u want a more balanced server .
  20. Yeah i should have read that or test all scrolls 1st before panicking on forum :) .Sorry .
  21. False alarm.Scrolls are stackable only for the xp/sp ones .I tested adena scroll and is not stackable .
  22. With 1 scroll its still a solid advantage .But stacking the scrolls its really gamebreaking .
  23. Is this bug or intended ?I mean i tested just the xp/sp scrolls .I have 3 xp/sp scrolls and they all stack .I just hope its not the case for the adena scrolls as well ...
  24. Jester

    Just an ideea

    They will have nothing else ,they still need farm for ranks to get expert skills and reach s grade at some point .But the gap between veterans and new arrived will be much smaller .Older player will still have advantage over them cause they will have overenchanted S grade ,boss jewels,expert skills.In this format Its not fun that someone with Overenchanted S weapons with boss jewels and full expert skills sweeping them in 2-3 shots . The gap will be smaller at all levels .Even casuals that dont reach s grade fast can benefit from this .Less reasons for people that get caught behind in gear and newbies to quit . In my opinion the Nr 1 reason why seasons do die so fast is gear discrepancy .I think it could potentially help increase server longevity .It might be worth to try it .