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  1. Majority of maps are range maps cause players vote just range .Its kinda unfair for the melees .I suggest at least 1/3 of maps to be a melee map .U can categorize all melee maps as forts and towns .Let the players vote wich map but not what type .Make it more fair for everyone .

  2. On 6/6/2022 at 8:27 PM, FallingStar said:

    lol, but u can see this in ALT+T

    No u cant see .Im speaking about the skill critical rate wich depends on your STR and the base critical chance that your respective skill has .Some skills dont skill crit ,other do .But i quess its too complicated and maybe not even doable to show them with a command or such .


  3. 17 minutes ago, Emerald said:

    P. Crit. rate isn't hidden.

    Added .mcrit command to see mcrit rate.

    Wow thats great news Emerald .Btw about p.crit i ment for the skills(the ones that daggers/tyrants/glads) are using .If u can do the same for the fighters that would be awesome . 

  4. Some classes have a really hard time with buffing because of buffslots limit .Such as titans,warlord,tanks .For example titan has 4 selfbuffs (rage,zealot,frenzy/guts,lionheart) .Another example paladin has 5 selbuffs (ai,majesty,TOL,physical mirror,Ressist arrows) .

    And with the way debuffs works right now and with low resists from other sources(epics) ,mental shield(some protection against root,sleep,Doom) and resist shock are now a must to take .Thats another 2 buffslots to take .

    Right now the buffs limit is 20+4+1 =25(4 from books and 1 from expert inspiration) .This number of buffs need to include everything selbuffs,regular buffs and song/dances .And for some classes is really tough to manage .

    So my nr 1 suggestion is the following ,instead of 24 max buffs that includes everything ,replace that with new system such as 16 slots for regular buffs /selfbuffs and 12 slots for songs and dances .

    And nr 2 suggestion is to put a cap on how much elemental resist a character can have to balance out the suggestion nr 1 i made .And for example put a cap limit,such as for example .~ 40-50 % max element resist against the mages from buffs .



  5. I respectfully disagree .U need to mention what targets .If those targets are mages in karmian with magnus +zerk and archers in plated than its perfectly fine .

  6. Henchman is the worst feature imo.I understant the reason behind it as the last resort to save a dying season .But if the server is reaching that point its just better to let it die and call it a season and prepare for the next .Im pretty sure that a big chunk from the lesser population that server had left right away after the henchmans appeared on the map .And the pvp its also silly . .

  7. 28 minutes ago, Stubback said:

    This is most stupid update that emerald made.. isnt enough that we play with server stages?? now we have to play with 3% 6% 9% crit dmg xD  Good job emerald..

    Its not 3 % critical damage per boss jewel level .At level 3 an aq or a baium will give u 3 % .U will achieved 9 % critical dmg if u have all epics :) .

  8. 8 minutes ago, President said:

    Archer/dagger already hits really hard even before they have the epics. I think it's a valid nerf and worth testing.

    Its not valid at all .U can exclude daggers from the equation since they are melees and they are always exposed to focused fire  banes stuns and cancels like any other melee .Archers will always suck now .I really dont see the balance .Especially with that op 100 % shield block rate that any class can achieve .

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  9. Isnt that nerf too big though?Like going from 15 % to 3 % for aq/baium is just way too much imo.Archers/daggers are quite weak without them .

    (Offtopic)If u want balance OP items than u need nerf augments like refresh ,might,dm,empower,wm too .Either nerf augments or remove all the useless augments like bleed,poison,acrobatics,open chests,music,dance/song refresh ,all chance augments and so on.....that makes us waste time and huge ammounts of money for augmenting like its a retail server .Make important augments more accesible that suits a pvp server .

    Back to the main topic .I am curious what other people have to say about this .


  10. U cannot set up shadow ic shield for the henchman ,when henchman activated they go back to c grade shield .U cannot setup ic set to a dagger,tyrant class ,when activated they go back wearing light set .U cannot setup a shadow ic shield to a dagger ,when henchman activated shields goes off .

    Also it seems that the timer for the shadow items is running out while the henchmans are iddle in town .

  11. Under the abilities we have attribute attack and attribute defense .Whats up with this ?Are this affecting the new elemental feature or this are just defenses against mages like a weaker version of elemental protection buff  and the offensive version ?


  12. 11 hours ago, President said:

    I think stats and abilities weren't such a good thing for the server. The last season without these changes lasted 4 weeks with a lot of pvp. Classes are very unbalanced. Modify a class and then another stronger one appears and it will always be like this. Last season tyrant and glad were strong, but maybe without stats and abilities they wouldn't be that strong. This current season that is running, mage was strong, but archer reached a level that was almost immortal. These modifications forced the imbalance of the classes a lot. Not to mention that every season, 3 to 4 people appear about it, about expert skills, about rank. That's a lot of information for newbies.

    Stats and abilities are great features imo.I really like the ideea and it gives some more diversity among the same class .But i quess there might be mixed opinions about it . Classes are imbalanced yes ,but the unbalance its between range and melees .What i dislike is the debuff system .It really cripples the melees hard .Static defense bonuses might be too much though .Glasscannon classes like archer/mage are not so glass .Maybe its better if static defense is lowered somewhat like for exampleTatoo shouldnt be enchantable and accesories shouldnt give that +50 pdef .

    From my math u can have ~450 more pdef just from static defense bonuses .Thats alot .


  13. 6 hours ago, FallingStar said:

    I agree with you in some parts, however... saying that the resistances don't work that I don't agree, archers in the "late game" if you know if buffing doesn't get more than 850 dmg for a spellhowler, there are many ways to build your char offensively, do u have too mutch itens to make ur build, like, tatto, set +6 , abilities, stats and experts for defensive


    I do really like those stats and abilities features .Very smart additions so every player can make his own setup and be unique about it .And the static defense bonuses helps with the damage not reaching astronomical numbers .

  14. I understand the debuffs are customized ,but they are not ok for the melees ,range can live with it cause they are well range and can keep the distance .Melees need high resists close to immunities to play fluid ,1 stun or a hold its the end of them more offen than not .

    What i mean here is that im wearing majestic set and a zaken ,yes i pretty much expect to be close to immune to stun .If i prepare my char to prevent getting stunned than i should benefit from that .Right now u can have as much resist as u want ,there is still a random factor .

  15. Server is really nice and an upgrade compared to past seasons thats for sure ,and its really a pitty that the server aint much popular . Gm did put alot of work into his server and he made a wonderfull server ,but the biggest issue is the community like always .

    Now that being said i also want to express some of the constructive criticism that i want to adress (from my point of view) :

    The lack of guidelines and tutorials in the forum,the lack of info of new additions(such stats for the new custom epics  )  .New players or players that skipped some several seasons need to have a chance to learn about everything if they really want  through some ways other than being told by other older players (best way via forum as i mentioned earlier ) .

    Now about the classes ,archer is still too weak in the start and too strong in the end .Maybe something needs to be done about this dunno .Mages(or any class with a shield actually) are parrying arrows at 100 % rate ,archers feels very weird like a dagger with range (1800 front 3000 back an example) .Maybe there is a different way to balanced mages vs archers without making their parry rate so unrealistic .

    Range in general(both mages and archers) are very strong .For the melee classes its very hard to keep up the pace with them .Debuff system makes actually harder for them since resists dont work very well .The melees they really really do need high resistances (near like immunities status like its in normal interlude without custom) if they focus and prepare for that (like wearing maj or buying a zaken to prevent getting  stun for example ) .Melees dont have the time and the space to be in the debuff lottery under the focused range fire .

    Stacked cancel are really overpower ,there should be a limit of how many buffs are actually removed .