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  1. Jester

    Map Selection

    Majority of maps are range maps cause players vote just range .Its kinda unfair for the melees .I suggest at least 1/3 of maps to be a melee map .U can categorize all melee maps as forts and towns .Let the players vote wich map but not what type .Make it more fair for everyone .
  2. Yeah u are right .With c and s grade i had no issues .Now i tried with b grade and yeah u get this error ....
  3. U need drag the weapon gemstones and ls once again in the window if u try augment other weapon .
  4. Passive wm gives 50 % more m. critical rate(from 44.4 % jumped to 66.6%) . While active wm gives ~2% more m crit rate (from 44.4 % jumped to 46.1 %) Passive gives more than active .Active actually gives almost nothing .
  5. Its working ,u need to disarm your weapon 1st .
  6. No u cant see .Im speaking about the skill critical rate wich depends on your STR and the base critical chance that your respective skill has .Some skills dont skill crit ,other do .But i quess its too complicated and maybe not even doable to show them with a command or such .
  7. Wow thats great news Emerald .Btw about p.crit i ment for the skills(the ones that daggers/tyrants/glads) are using .If u can do the same for the fighters that would be awesome .
  8. Also want to talk about the map selection .Server needs less escort and domi maps where 2 sides clash from range with close respawns and spawnguards wich makes melees pretty useless on those specific maps .
  9. +1 to a new fresh season .
  10. Some classes have a really hard time with buffing because of buffslots limit .Such as titans,warlord,tanks .For example titan has 4 selfbuffs (rage,zealot,frenzy/guts,lionheart) .Another example paladin has 5 selbuffs (ai,majesty,TOL,physical mirror,Ressist arrows) . And with the way debuffs works right now and with low resists from other sources(epics) ,mental shield(some protection against root,sleep,Doom) and resist shock are now a must to take .Thats another 2 buffslots to take . Right now the buffs limit is 20+4+1 =25(4 from books and 1 from expert inspiration) .This number of buffs need to include everything selbuffs,regular buffs and song/dances .And for some classes is really tough to manage . So my nr 1 suggestion is the following ,instead of 24 max buffs that includes everything ,replace that with new system such as 16 slots for regular buffs /selfbuffs and 12 slots for songs and dances . And nr 2 suggestion is to put a cap on how much elemental resist a character can have to balance out the suggestion nr 1 i made .And for example put a cap limit,such as for example .~ 40-50 % max element resist against the mages from buffs .
  11. Jester


    I respectfully disagree .U need to mention what targets .If those targets are mages in karmian with magnus +zerk and archers in plated than its perfectly fine .
  12. Henchman is the worst feature imo.I understant the reason behind it as the last resort to save a dying season .But if the server is reaching that point its just better to let it die and call it a season and prepare for the next .Im pretty sure that a big chunk from the lesser population that server had left right away after the henchmans appeared on the map .And the pvp its also silly . .
  13. btw emerald u can still enchant tatoos .
  14. This season is done .Im sure people waiting for a new season . Next season ill play melee(not dagger)/mage .Reason i am not a fan of the latest epic changes . What class u will play ?