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  1. elxdark


    "i want to see the server last longer" *joins order to win epic* get out of here pathetic piece of shit, the only thing you want is to feed your gigantic ego full of sh1t.
  2. elxdark


    congratz luffy and naikis pt for abusing the system, just now we had zaken, you knew order wins zaken because aoe you joined order, you won. by doing this you block other high elo players from joining their faction. @Emeraldi love the mantras system but this elo balance is way too easy to abuse, if you know what faction will win you just have to spam the teleport first and you secure your win, I didn't care about this last season since the drop was random but now the only way to get epics is to win them so it's pretty damn fucked. to everybody, to abuse the system, spam teleport with your high elo players so you block the other high elo players from joining :)
  3. elxdark


    fuck the balanc really, just make order people go order and chaos go chaos, simple whoever wins fuck it we don't care, just let us play IN OUR FUCKING FACTION
  4. elxdark


    the mayority of the server are random people who don't give a single fuck about siege, look at how much Emerald had to change it to make it look pleasant for competitive players, still only few clans are going for it. If you want to make the thread then at least admit that the only reason you made it it's because you are afraid of losing.
  5. elxdark


    quite funny coming from you but ok, we all know you will probably beg for people to join you at siege then you will backstab them like you always do because you are a clown.
  6. elxdark


    he won't, thats why he made this post lmao
  7. the new rank system is broken and needs to be fixed, tyrants/gladis are 30+ while every other dd is 10 or less and most supports don't even reach 5 lol also removed the nerf to heal % or increase because atm playing support isn't worth the time.
  8. @Rhaegar why are you going order?
  9. who was the guy who was shouting "i have more points than your entire clan xD" and then he got fucking raped by love and everybody else in oly and quit? Anyways seems like I'm speaking to some fucking walls, abc with his african english and wetcat with his autism popping off LOL see you in game retards.
  10. abc the guy who re rolled to warlord and all his cp to gladis to abuse spawn skill, meanwhile i was getting more kills than their whole party as a fucking dagger LMAO go back to java x50 servers you fucking retard, you never were relevant here, let's see how you do without camping spawns. I mean come on you have wetcat in your cp, that's all you need to know how bad you guys are LMAO. This time you don't have Jay to carry you in olys, good luck.
  11. I really like this suggestion and please ignore these clowns fighting (we really need a flame section btw) I think one of the weakest point ovc has is the lack of guides/knowledge to play here, there are a lot of custom things that they have been adding thorough the years and while Emerald's response will always be "read server description" it doesn't give you the small details that actually play a big factor in the early and end game. But that requires quite some time, I could try to make a PDF document with the basics for now and I could add more stuff as soon as I get time. For example, for starters which class to pick, which expert is worth going for, which maps are good for your class etc.
  12. elxdark


    im sin, i made this acc first 1-2 seasons i never changed it whatever lol kat is always order so that's that, but they are less than a cp like 6 people
  13. elxdark


    ok so i guess that means theres blackjesus/mamba is gonna be the key for balance since they drive their accounts and play non stop. how many are u luffy, I feel it's still gonna be unbalanced but you can't go same side as Blackjesus/mamba cuz it will kill the balance, if Rhaegar actually get people with a brain and don't start recruiting bishops with karmain maybe he will be a factor and help us to balance the server but idk i don't trust him. we really should make a a discord chat with all the leaders and discuss this, I don't really want to experience the same sh1t last season which was a big reason it died quickly
  14. flaming is ok and part of the game, blaming the gm for a bug and making it look he did it for one side it's not ok buddy.