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  1. But i don't have the classic client, only the update that is available can i already have the client? I will do this.
  2. Could someone provide download link for classic client?
  3. Guess Who's Back - YouTube
  4. It's been 1 month, announce a new season plizzzzz, we want to play!!!!!
  5. Sergej


    This server does not have an administrator, I hope I helped.
  6. calm down spoiled child
  7. Yeah, I thought about that too today, @Esmeralda announcing a server scheme lasting 15 days and a wipe, and then starting again, I think it's a good idea.
  8. this way, only some people will be entitled to have an extra buff, very unfair.
  9. Sergej


    Stop posting these things, here is a serious section, not to keep posting jokes.
  10. @Emeralddude... a month has passed, until when give a forecast so that we don't stay here every day waiting for a date, I don't know, manifest !
  11. It was already simple to understand, now it's simple and clear. Nice explanation, also understanding with this idea. Just a suggestion.
  12. An example, for you to reach rank 70 you need to win 200 events, place to win 600 ~ 800, simple.
  13. Sergej

    About donation.

    €5 euros is €5 euros for those who live in Europe. As I live in South America, €5 euros is $31.74 in local currency. How is it getting more for less? I would pay the same amount as everyone else. If an Weapon S would cost €50 euros, I would pay $50 in my local currency, it's a very basic math for anyone who wants to do it, at least in my opinion I don't have any difficulty with it. You would only make it easier for people who live in another continent to have the same benefit as those who live in Europe, in the description of donations you should put that only those who live in Europe can make donations, so it would be more organized.
  14. I couldn't find the store zone at the new location in Rune Harbor
  15. Now I imagine you're writing this to tease!
  16. I think the more we ask for a new season, the longer it takes to bring it. So, as they say around here where I live, "let the man work".
  17. Sergej

    About donation.

    I work and in a month I will start studying. That's why I'm giving this idea about donations. It's totally unfeasible for me to take $300 off my salary and buy something in a game. With €300 euros you buy everything within this server, but with $300 of my local currency I don't even buy a B grade gun.
  18. Sergej

    About donation.

    Hi! I would like to talk a little about something that I would really like to see happen, which is donations to people who live on another continent. I live in South America and making donations with a euro value is almost impossible for us. My suggestion is to put a little more coin for us in South America, so that we can also make donations on the server. I don't think you have anything to lose by this, we automatically don't and you automatically don't get paid for it. If you put in a coin with better value for us, you would win something you didn't win before. In a way, you would come out in profit. A basic math to understand the values for us: €1 Euro = 1,250 Donate Coins. €1 Euro = $6.40 in local currency. Let's say an interesting item is worth 62,000 Donate Coins which would be around €50. Converting those €50 euros into my local currency would be approximately $320.14. Here the salaries are not good and things are extremely more expensive than there, in Europe. Another idea for you to have an idea of how things are priced here, a very popular car in Europe is the Golf and here too. Comparing the prices, the difference is, Golf R 2021 has an average value of €50k and here in our local currency, this same car comes out to us with a value of $310k. Remembering that the values are an average of everything, not summed up or down. Have pity on us ❤️
  19. Then. The idea of being able to bring something new to the server is always welcome, it moves players, the market, the pvp, anyway, it's great to have something new to do (and without letting it go, congratulate about the changes in the hero, that way it is much better for the server and the chances for all, very good indeed). But did we need something to increase our Pdef, Mdef, Mtack, Ptack and critical rate? In my opinion and many I think not. Is there a possibility to revert this update? (without losing our precious money, lol 😄) Removing these stats and leaving it as it was before, it was very good. Thank you in advance. And happy new year everyone!
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    because there was nothing more than that. I just joked and asked if the other player wanted an autograph. And that guy answered like that. But if you think racism is cool on your part, I'm sorry for your upbringing.
  21. Sergej


    We just saw a case of racism in the game. These days it is difficult for you to live without being offended. But I couldn't imagine reading this inside a game like this. Yes, I am black and I was offended by this, I would like the server administrators to take a reprehensible measure against that.
  22. Many have the same problem as me. My friend is an archer and has a +8 set and takes 7k. But it's okay we already stopped playing, GM here just wants to know how to make money and fuck, a season that lasted 1 week and he doesn't even show up, doesn't correct anything and fuck the players, he just wants money. Until never more!