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  1. It is active skill. Passive with 20 points of p def? Lol.
  2. Hello, Can you please check the following skill : Item skill: shield lvl 10 augment will give barely 20 points of p def which is broken. thank you
  3. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that.
  4. Hello, It's 3 days now since server started and we all experience lagging and some times severe lagging like server is under DDOS flooding attack. Sadly, there is no official staff opinion anywhere. Few more things we noticed : Enchant rate is supposed to be 50 %. We failed like 10-15 times from +3 to +4, I have doubts about the enchant change rate. Skill enchantment it's a joke. Failing at 87-90 % chance rate a lot. Duelists/tyrants making 4-5k AOE damage on +6 sets attributed and so on. Then I see donation button, it makes me laugh. Anyway, congrats for the engine, the server never gets booring, atleast when it can be played. Cheers