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  1. u can log in and make a basic char and almost oneshot anything u want, there's literally no point of farming gear or whatsoever. Even if u make gear there's a newbie with 0 hours played on server that can rng 2 shot you, tell me what's fun about it.
  2. never seen emerald closing and opening a new season straight after, i guess cya at august at best or even later XD
  3. It was a boring patch afterall, with basic gear every class can do shit tons of rng damage with counter critical + talisman of border (+80% critical damage XDDD) I choose skill over rng piano f1 f2 f3 spam and this season was the most rng one. reason why there were no classes except archer/dagger/necro is because no one can sustain the first 2 rng damage and the 3rd is because is the only mage that can try to sustain it.
  4. which probably is not meant to be a 3 hours full buff feature, can u even imagine how much that would be unbalanced? I can teach u how to play on l2 anytime, any class any rates pleb
  5. Not mentioning the rly bad geodata files which u have to go almost over a target to do backstab
  7. because u have TWO BUFFS which are giving your blows or any skills almost 100% EXTRA DAMAGE, ergo it's not dagger or archer the problem, it's the 80% bullshit steroid which should be removed, not even nerfed. by nerfing with a flat % a class u are just killing it because "NORMALLY" they will do less damage but with those 2 80% buffs are still gonna do 7k to people. what's gonna happen, emerald is gonna nerf every day 5% archer/dagger damage instead of removing the chance of those 2 to crit almost 8k?
  8. or when mage with talisman of border proc gives u 3 4ks in a row i don't get why u are nerfing a class instead of nerfing a 80% crit damage steroids which is retarded for EVERY class
  9. lovehate

    body impale

    also border of purification when in the tooltip clearly says 3 sec cast time
  10. Counter Critical proc + Talisman of border proc It's the same thing that is making your class (whatever it is) crit a lot too. imo all the nerfs should be erased and both the buff and the item should go in the trashcan.
  11. When you mount up and use the skill "Fast Run" and then dismount u still keep it, which is +95 speed for 30 seconds, which u can spam everytime out of combat. Also, i don't know if that is a bug: when you dismount u also lose instantly your Transform skills Pirate/Dark and White assassin which is quite annoying because u can't use the mount if u are transformed. It works perfectly fine if you mount up, the transform vanishes as soon as u dismount. EDIT: tell me if the screenshot is okay, on the first buff bar u can see the mount, on the second one u can see that u just keep the buff without the mount.
  12. So, what's good and what's not on classic
  13. u are looking for a low rate.
  14. oh, first bulgarian guy that i know to be toxic and completely shit in game
  15. If everyone joins everyday u can also prevent feed from others, it's only 2 hours oly
  16. if they have to think about pressing 2+ buttons ofc they are gonna say interlude is the best.
  17. do u even have the rights to write something when u are the biggest meme on this server XD more heroes will mean u can implement a decent reward system thru getting hero everyday, there is already a hero count in the ranking up system which is completely useless if u get 2x heroes in a 2 week maximum life server. also with oly points u can get enchants, would be a good idea to even implement mantra to that.
  18. make heroes daily, olympiads daily, who gets more point gets the hero for the next day. More olys and more happy faces
  19. lovehate


    he's not wrong tho about the insane land rate of debuffs and stuns
  20. lovehate


    Interlude for lowbies h5 for men
  21. I see people saying stun is never landing.. on which server are u playing actually? stuns on ovc are nearly 80% chance. doesn't matter if u have war frenzy, fortitude, lionheart or resist shock.. the only thing that seems to work is stun resist from epics. same thing applies for curses, mental shield or not, silences and necro curses are almost 100% land
  22. who the fuck said that is not going to take place, i don't see any word about it from Emerald you'll probably play alone in it but it will happen till Emerald says the opposite.
  23. thats why u are a bot
  24. imagine having soulka on duelist every season and feed a top oly farmer