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  1. leave the nerf but unlock multiple support party that can also heal each other same players that are crying about high damage are the same that leave from h5 because they do low damage, they leave anyway, they are allergic to life
  2. lovehate


    I'm reopening this because the issue is still there, the 5% buff on aoe it's irrelevant , u can feel it only when u are 1v1 and still it's not enough to deal vs 5k+ magic crits or constantly 3-4k crits from archers. (I crafted dynasty duals and made them +6 just for the sake of testing, so no, im not BASIC A grade.) I think the damage overall in 1v1 situation is fine, but sqrt is too much, i've made a post on May as soon as u implemented it because i knew it was going to be too much. If u don't want aoe to be abused under cele, just apply sqrt under cele or just remove gladi/tyrant celes on events. feel free to merge the 2 posts or reopen the last one and timeout Mojo from the forum if he starts to spam again without any sense, it's not correct afterall to close a topic where people are discussing peacefully just because of a particular individual 🙂
  3. +1, i got rank 70 just by chasing raid bosses, everything else is around 40-50 rank. +1 again for better rewards, what i have to do with all those primeval crystals, give us enchants or ls.
  4. Then there is no reason to start on A grade, would happen the same thing of past seasons: people getting really fast S low tier to snowball and get dynasty faster. Also idk if u guys noticed but the adena income is slowly increasing day by day and that allows newbies to get faster on the same page as everyone else.
  5. lovehate


    I think Emerald just doesn't play the game, so if he logs with your char mr mojo, he will see 500 damage crit by sqrt and he's gonna say it's fine. It's a dream to have an admin that is good at scripting and also put an effort to play the game and understand more about the mechanics. Those kind of nerfs like sqrt for example, have to be tested and changed everyday to balance the game perfectly, either he has to play the game or someone has to be his trustworthy tester.
  6. lovehate


    Like Djinn said, demon and doom should be free, because only few classes are relying on that to play both normal events and oly. Staffs also should be free to encourage everyone to play oly, if people don't have staffs are going to face staffs players they are just going to be disappointed and stop joining olys. Let me clear the point about sqrt damage once and for all: This is not some random crap 40 buff slots server, Gladis and Tyrants (even titans) have 2-3-4 self buff slots and in order to do decent damage they are not able to pick up ANY resist if not few. If you don't have an organized party a gladiator lasts 2 to 3 seconds in an aoe spot because he gets almost oneshotted. If people are not happy about getting aoed, maybe they should start to play with their brain and not intentionally going into certain death, this is a game mechanic as much as running into an archer with snipe as a caster. Close range spots indeed are dominated by daggers because on interlude they have to get very few buffs to do damage compared to all the resists they stack, but if we had Tyrants and Gladis doing decent aoe, they would think about going in like yolo twice. I think the sqrt damage should be reduced a bit like emerald say, put a cap on it, it's ridicolous to see 98-NINETYEIGHT damage aoe. Also, last but not least (i think this is very important) in order to see some gladis/tyrants/titans back in the game would be a really good idea to make all the self buff and also celes not taking a buff slot, so they can get some resists in order to play at least decently.
  7. lovehate


    Also, why would u put demon/doom sets for FA? You are clearly preventing anyone to play destro in both events/oly.
  8. lovehate


    Are we going to remove either the flat nerfs on force skills or sqrt damage any time soon? It's a fact that those 2 nerfs combined are just a failure and this season is running only 3 viable classes.
  9. lovehate


    Fuck Beta make OVC discord RE EMERALD A grade starter needs too much theorycrafting for mojo, dont bully him pls
  10. u can log in and make a basic char and almost oneshot anything u want, there's literally no point of farming gear or whatsoever. Even if u make gear there's a newbie with 0 hours played on server that can rng 2 shot you, tell me what's fun about it.
  11. never seen emerald closing and opening a new season straight after, i guess cya at august at best or even later XD
  12. It was a boring patch afterall, with basic gear every class can do shit tons of rng damage with counter critical + talisman of border (+80% critical damage XDDD) I choose skill over rng piano f1 f2 f3 spam and this season was the most rng one. reason why there were no classes except archer/dagger/necro is because no one can sustain the first 2 rng damage and the 3rd is because is the only mage that can try to sustain it.
  13. which probably is not meant to be a 3 hours full buff feature, can u even imagine how much that would be unbalanced? I can teach u how to play on l2 anytime, any class any rates pleb
  14. Not mentioning the rly bad geodata files which u have to go almost over a target to do backstab