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  1. This season iBev clan botted from the very beginning in farming zone and got their first top weapon on 2nd day, that made some of the "core" players leave cus they were pissed about that. Eventually, after confessing they did use "macros" with multiple PCs (clearly bots) one of them got banned and they all ragequit which basically took half of chaos population away. Anyway, server was already fated when (AS ALWAYS) people don't know how to balance things themselves and they all just join a faction, afterall we 3-man against chaos faction for the whole season. I hope u you all had fun, we surely did 🙂
  2. lovehate


    They can crit up to 3-4k with 300 element if u steal the correct buffs, at least with spells, but yeah rapier skills suck hard, aswell as doombringer skills, idk what's wrong with them. Still we are talking about something that is really high on land rate in a faction server where major disables are nerfed, soulhound enters in this category and his paralyze are untouched.
  3. lovehate


    I know it's fun, but I played soulhound myself on +10 power only lightning barrier and spamming Lightning shock and that shit was almost 100% on vesper light, that's broken and needs to be tuned down since lightning shock is basically spammable and lightning barrier is just a passive, it's the same thing as db's rush impact and disarms.
  4. What about set the price for full bottle of souls for free? I mean, why do they even have to spend 2 adena each bottle to play their class. Arrows are free, energy stones are free (they are not even needed), holy water is free. #kamaellivesmatter
  5. if u sum dynasty masterwork + set and vesper masterwork + set u have 10.39% m atk overall on dynasty and 10.10% on vesper
  6. 1. Vesper has different masterwork M.Atk % compared to dynasty: Vesper Robe Circet M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.41%, Stun resistance + 8%, Magic Cancel Rate - 4.5 Stockings - M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.68%, Stun resistance + 5%, Magic Cancel Rate - 7.5 Boots - M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.27%, Stun resistance + 5%, Magic Cancel Rate - 3 Gauntlets - M.Atk./MP Regeneration + 0.27%, Stun resistance + 5%, Magic Cancel Rate - 3 Sigil - M.Def. + 2% Dynasty Robe Stockings M.Atk. + 1.25%, Max MP + 80, Dark resistance + 2% Gaiters - M.Atk. + 2.08%, Max MP + 133, Dark resistance + 3.33% Boots - M.Atk. + 0.83%, Max MP + 53, Dark resistance + 1.33% Gauntlets - M.Atk. + 0.83%, Max MP + 53, Dark resistance + 1.33% Sigil - M.Def. + 2%, Dark resistance + 2% those are the masterwork bonuses. 2. + 3. I think this is due to server features: * Healing power changes depending on population in events. * Reduced critical heal amount from x3 to x2.
  7. -Update about olympiads- Again, last season and the previous one also were much better geodata wise. This season u could get stuck into corners, attack from behind the walls etc etc.
  8. I would like to screenshot that situation but it's kinda impossible XD I guess I'm gonna start streaming just for that
  9. lovehate


    Can we tune down Lightning barrier and Lightning shock land rate? I don't see why we have nerfs on land rates like db's rush impact, gladi's disarms and other hard ccs and then we have to see a soulhound literally stalling groups of people with 1 skill.
  10. Adventurer and X are next to me, Adventurer has mirage and is skilling/auto on me, I'm trying to target X but doesn't matter how many times I click on X (just click no spells no aoe no next target no reflect) I will start to get an infinite chain of target cancel by mirage like there is someone spamming switch/trick on me on no cooldown. Mirage tooltip: "For 1 minute, provides a chance to cancel the target of an attacking enemy."
  11. will see, kamaels can't warp anymore without being sure to go forward tho XD
  12. I know we talked already about this and I might be obsessed with it but I asked other players in game when I encountered such problems and they had the same issues, relogging isn't a valid option since we also had a better movement overall in past seasons. Let's start by saying that I played almost every season of h5 (at least past 2-3) and movement had no issues at all, including rush/warps, or hiding behind a wall wasn't that tricky that sometimes u can still get hit behind the wall. Every map has some spot where you can't click thru, which actually makes u click BEHIND for some reason, making you go back instead of going forward, that applies also on rush/rush impact making basically your target behind a imaginary wall and when you try to rush you will just get "unsuitable terms" message in chat making u unable to rush even tho the char is in front of u.
  13. 1- King keep running from top of the building to enemy base dying either from players or from spawnguards, making teams swap constantly making them unable to play. 2- Knights block you from going upstairs, at least on Human Fighter model
  14. I don't know if it's intended to be like that. Raid bosses that spawn everytime on the last 5 minutes of map are dropping to the team that did most damage to them. This means that if u wipe/kill the enemy faction meanwhile they were doing the boss and u kill it, u don't get any loot because the other faction has highest damage on it. Should have probably put that on "Suggestions", i don't know, but it's logical that it would be funnier if raid boss drops to the faction that kills it, not that damages the most.
  15. This season is overall way more balanced than past ones, so i don't really see your point of view. Idk what is it, if it's geodata, new maps, whatever. Overall movement is way worse than past seasons were there was no problem at all.