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  1. Imagine caring about gigabrokenunbalanced Interlude olympiads
  2. forum was used by few people only, from last 2 season there is also a discord and people mainly speak there. On every opening day there is always a lot of people, i would say more than 50 x faction but i might be wrong, only Emerald can tell u exactly how many people join on opening 😄
  3. Well, there are those fort maps where the guards are basically right after the wall/door, just going around the fort inside makes them attack you.
  4. If u hide when a summon has u in target, the summon will keep chasing u and attack even if u used hide/u are in stealth.
  5. Spawnguards range is way too much, make them less like Legolas plox
  6. Can't u import the same stuff u made on IL? Like, it's almost impossible to chase people that are running away even with Rush, you never will be able to use any melee range skills. Daggers have easier life because of shadowstep but still getting almost ahead/over the target to do a skill is annoying
  7. Full knockdown tooltip says that the target gets knocked down on the ground for 3 seconds. What i saw after using that skill is people getting pushed away from the Titan with the "full knockdown" debuff and being able to do their stuff before the debuff goes off. Since classic is new to me and i don't have any knowledge, what kind of debuff is a "knockdown"? Is it normal they are able to cast/use anything after just 1 second?
  8. by "just few classes can abuse it" I meant that those classes, which happens to be the mainstream ones, they are already doing so much damage that those steroids are pushing their damage to the sky, compared to a random fighter that is doing way less damage as standard.
  9. Counter Critical + Talisman of Border = 8 to 11k blows from ghost hunters. Been saying that last classic season too, those kind of HUGE steroids must be removed to have a more balanced and linear season. You can't really believe that 80% critical damage is something you can have, in any game, especially when just few classes can abuse it, that happens to be always the same ones: mage/archer/dagger.
  10. I actually see only archers in maps, who plays something else is just a masochist Anyway that's why i always leave IL after 1 week, cba standing only archers around
  11. An average mage has a global pool of 8-9k hp, and I'm exaggerating, it's actually less. not brutal, yap.
  12. we managed to hit +10 shyeed bow on first day and it was hitting 3.5k on casters, same damage u have now on end game with +16 bow and double rings
  13. If u make Shyeed slow weapons, u will just have archers from day 1 till the end imo. Instead of dynasty, what about introducing masterworks as end game farming? +1 for any incentive to help new comers, also, as I mentioned on discord, I think having a +6 enchant cap on both armor/weapons would balance the nonsense damage and also reduce the gap between new comers and people who are playing from day 1. Just wanted to drop this here: after u cap the quest manager (level 70 on everything) there is almost no point in playing that character anymore, after some ranks, the quest manager is basically the main source of enchants and other useful drop, can you increase the cap or make that feature still working somehow even when a char is capped? thanks for listening
  14. By the way, h5 season lasted less than a week and the progression on h5 is far from easy on OvC, it's really hard to get full elements on armor yet people still leave before achieving end game gear. Honestly what makes me keep playing is playing different stuff in order to not get bored and I'm already playing all the classes that are somewhat relevant in maps, ergo there is not much more to do. More the server is online and more we are going to a stage where everyone will have stuff +16 and who is benefitting more from that is just archers and daggers imo. In reality there is no correct suggestion for a dead and stale chronicle where only 2 or 3 different playstyles are available.
  15. even with set +10 they just outrange and interrupt every cast of yours if they crit 🙂