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    always 🤣
  2. toN

    Some advices

    take a break bro w8 for next season and i hope next season is interlude ez files ...
  3. i make topic about this but gm don't care and players talk shit "stop cry"....
  4. toN

    dear GM

    time to leave cia 🙋‍♂️
  5. toN

    dear GM

    i'm here for news players not for boring back mages... trying to make a server enjoyable... is not fun to see dwarf pet make sub tyr and spam forceattck😖
  6. toN

    dear GM

    2 zerk in normal situation he give u 5k++ ..... it's not cry bro it for news players try enjoy server ... ps: h5 is not melee era for pve maybe... in mass pvp gvg mage is the best setup pt
  7. toN

    dear GM

    good option is nerf ogre totem and and 15% crit rate
  8. toN

    dear GM

    Dear GM i now u try ur best for make this server balanced.... but all news players quit after see how balanced tyrant is 30k cp/hp killing ppl with 4 crit 😘 mage * Reduced magic critical rate by 50%.* Reduced magic critical damage by 25%. Melee * Reduced tyrant force single target skills damage by 10%.
  9. GM don't like mage, he love melees 😔
  10. "mage power" fear bot is not fun to play...
  11. nick char in game french gay?