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  1. If the big spenders don't get 100+ frags / map what's the point in even playing? Running 5 minutes for 3 kills? no thank you
  2. I doubt you will get an answer from Emerald, but interfaces were available for quite some time now and they do make the game better .... even if some have "illegal" stuff too. The only way is for Emerald to invest in a new launcher that verifies and replaces modified files when launching the game.... but does he wants to do that? I doubt it. So.... 1 less person on server to cry about something sounds good to me. Good luck though.
  3. How nice of you to share this with the community ... I just couldn't do it myself for some reason 🤗
  4. welcome to the healers club every season. this is the first season where there were too many healers from season start and I just don't know why actually ...... they got pretty nerfed on rewards, one for reducing total members in a party to 4 and the other for reducing the number of points receives / healz.
  5. Ah ye... I forgot about those scrolls
  6. BeMyFrag


    It's not boring if you know the OP characters to play with 😃 you can actually get an insane amount of kills in first days when there are plenty of people on.
  7. Festival Adena can be sold to other players from start of the season (selling price is usually 1-4a) and after 1-2 weeks, can be exchanged directly at NPC for 2a each. There are mostly cosmetics you can buy with FA, but also items which can be bought with FA only (Olympiad items such as Staff of Evil Spirits or a tattoo for extra stats). Another thing you can use Festival Adena is on some sort of "auction" (which is not really an action) where items change frequently. There you usually find all kind of things from equipment to parts, recipes etc. Depending on the server "stage" you can even buy full S84 items for H5 or full S grades for Interlude version. They are usually pretty expensive nonetheless. Also Festival Adena drops upon killing other players, for members of a clan that own a castle (or fortress if I'm not mistaken in H5.). Having all that information you can decide if it's a cash grab server or not. Have a nice day.
  8. BeMyFrag


    😂😂 @Rhaegar Luffy was the "main enemy" until you decided to ally with him. After that, everything evolved naturally and the fact that you associated yourself to him and also had him in your clan a couple of times, didn't help you either. Another mistake was coming at sieges with 2 clans (One of which was Luffy's clan) to zerg everyone else back then didn't help you either. From that point forward you always had 2 clans every season, recruiting every random nolifer you could get. 1./2./3. Yes I agree, you represent MW because you are it's leader. But others are doing it too because they were/are part of that clan also. 4. 70% are called "meat cannon" in lineage 2 terms. Every clan had them / still has them. Even if new, they can contribute to damage/debuffs/numbers/points etc. in a siege for example. Also let me offer you the definition of a clan from wiki: Clan system is one of the major features of the game. Clans unite players and let them influence the world of Lineage 2. That's pretty much what you said "a community" ... It doesn't really matter how % coordinated it was. 5. what you wrote there is plain stupid. It's way easier to coordinate 20 people in 1 clan than 20 in 4 clans. Not everyone plays with CP's like you (95% +/- 2% don't). Also most don't even know what that means. 6. I'm sure it could be the other way around too ... for you to declare your side and people to join it to win everything.... well we will never know now so no point in going further. 7. I would also not brag about hero status gained with feeding every season from "your so called 1 man clan" nor with a screenshot with your so called "achievements" when 90% of the clans on the server were on your side and your main competition was not even playing.
  9. BeMyFrag


    Yet you are doing it every season.....hypocrite much? Or when you are on the winning side it's just fine?🤮
  10. BeMyFrag


    A-Grade - This issue would be fixed if players would be forced to invest in A grades. After veterans would switch to S grade there would be an influx of sets on the market like it's happening now when people are switching from nukers to archers. Rank/Expert system: true, the current rank system is not good for me either. my time is limited and I never got passed rank 7 because server usually dies before I get to 6 =)) Also I want my title back. Vote reward: I find it harmless. maybe you were talking about Stream reward? ELO System: There were so many times when I had to wait a lot because I couldn't join events on either side, or because I couldn't join same faction with my team. Would be nice to implement that option of transferring entire party to the losing side.
  11. Hello, This is mostly irrelevant since players can switch classes during event and at the end you will only see last one played. Best regards, B
  12. STS not SS nub ... SS = Shillien Saint 🙂 @Advol could help with that too but I doubt they will.
  13. Emerald alone can't see all the pros and cons of a change or a balance that is already in effect.(Proven in the past that big mistakes were made that killed the server) Would be nice for him to have a council and a test server and implement some changes after they were checked with the council on the test server. This can be done during weekend (maybe Saturdays) when people can be on at same time. Not playing his server and waiting for random people(that might not even know the game) to bring proof on the table it's so '90. I'm sorry, but people won't ever share "their secrets" and if they can abuse anything (bug or not) to get an advantage over others they will. How many people came on the forums saying their class is OP and would need some adjustments? NONE Also would be nice to gather all the balance changes affecting each class in a single topic so that if someone wants to start playing a class they know what they are dealing with from start (don't even bother saying that there is such thing here: because this is not what I'm referring to). Have a good one.
  14. The point is that there should not be a "best class", and here we are ...season after season ... People still finding ways to abuse stuff.
  15. BeMyFrag

    Outdated shops

    If Emerald or Moderators don't play the server ... How will someone who's not confident in staying react to this?