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  1. @Mellany 400 SCROLL BOY HOLY SHIT, but u know i respect that, its hell of a dedication LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  2. gotta donate 300 bucks more lets gooo
  3. 400 scroll? LMFAO i bet he failedto make +16 doeeeeeee
  4. how much u paid to be driver of mediocre russian pack? 50 euro AHAHAHAH this clown
  5. mad spam skills, just get the fuck out already he pissed because peopel farm 150k day nowdays, which u paid 300 euro to get a lead on 1st day lmfao come back new season please this server needs clowns like you more than anything
  6. yeah boy, where the thouaz or your items now? cashed out already? which is restiricted stop bullshitting here, we all know you pay 300 euro each season and steam roll the fuck out of server. Go next
  7. After gift shop sell feature, we are playing fast pace game atm. Which means getting late game gears much faster than ever before.Which is great. Since the beggining of server mages are really behind,struggling to kill anyone a target with rune protection.Now it's getting harder and harder. Theres tons of stacked daggers/tyrant and glads, people think that its about archers vs mages atm which is not correct at all. Theres 0% chance to kill any tyrant/glad/dagger , 30%m def ogre totem, no zerk daggers + 1k m def from protection rune.And tricksters with perma soul barrier with dobule m def (around 4k) After the olympiad period mages got hit even harder, since we dont use hero weapons.And fighters gets free Qa,hero bows etc. And the game progress its SO easy to enchant jewels to +10+++ , att defences and so.Mages dont get any stronger even tho we got +20 skills etc.And we are most expensive class to play with, so many skills to enchant. Even we make +30 full skills, mages damage is capped at some point, cant go any higher, enchanting doesnt make any difference at all.(can prove it with fraps also) The buff on mages is more than neccesary atm, it has to be done before mages fall into oblivion Or nerfing rune protection is MUST. And lastly DONT nerf archers, just boost mages or nerf protection, archers not the main problem. @Emerald just please re consider it, its really getting out of control
  8. This game is ment to be played mainly with archers/mages we all agree that.The point of this topic was all about rune protection basically.Even if you nerf archers by 5% or bring windstorm etc. nothing will change trust me.Mages over nerfed but theyr still fine when you go againts non rune protection target.Stacked archer does 4-5k damage crit, the nerf you thinking to implement is gonna reduce their crit damage by 200-250 damage :) And we are not counting the archer's damage with real target, it goes up to 7k~. You can easily see, and im sure you are already aware whats going on.Whole server playing double zerk with dynasty jewels(most of archers) and mages still cant kill them under rune protection. And imagine us trying to kill tyrants/tanks/gladi etc. it takes 20 30 seconds lol.(mages cant 1v1 tyrant/glad btw) The nerf on protection rune is neccesary, and nerfing archers wont solve the problem of this season. Thanks. @Emerald
  9. yeah, just quit commenting on this topic please
  10. If something obviously wrong it has to be fixed immediately, no need to wait for next season. We all see what happend last one.Emerald refused to nerf spellhowlers and we all get rolled by them. Rune protection is broken, that fraps shows it, and i can make 10 minute of video its gona proc with one hit, its not gonna change. IT HAS 100% PROC RATE.
  11. thank you for your fraps, atleast clowns in this forum will see how broken rune protection is,it just procs after 1 hit 100% :) and gives 1k mdef+ att def.People who has no idea what rune protection is and doesnt even know its existence barking here lmao. check this out please @Emerald
  12. just keep playing with your dogshit ungeared archer boy, too afraid to get rolled by mages insecured piece of shit.another subhuman who begs emerald to open interlude server lmfao has no idea about h5 passives
  13. we all know last season was unbalanced cuz of spellhowlers, even if emerald removes protection buff now you WILL NEVER GET 10k damage from any mage, its maximum 4k with slug emerald trying to implement the balanced he had on interlude to h5, when he removes protection buff it might be same as interlude
  14. another interlude dipshit without any game knowladge barking here, firstly read what rune protection does and check your stats then come here and throw shits @l0l
  15. Hello dear forum users and @Emerald First of all this wont be QQ topic about mages so just chill, this is for server's health -Last season spellhowlers dominated from begining till the end,yet @Emerald decided to act late, and nerfed them 2 weeks? later.This time this has to be done more earlier.Since the average server life is 3-4 weeks. -Mages atm are kinda weak, when i speak with stacked mages, they say that theyr hitting around 1k normal and 2k mc (prominence,hurricane etc.) when rune protection is off.This is where problem begins. -Rune protection is 10 seconds buff which gives 1k m. def, yet its activation rate is 100%, and has very low re-activation cooldown.With low mc rate and x2 m. crit damage its ALMOST impossible to kill anyone , you have to nuke for 15 seconds to kill newbie rank 1 archer with protection ON.And if he got healer behind theres no way to drop anyone.And most of the time your skills fails for half- damage or total fail for 1 damage. -The topic which mellany created before, i read all the comments, people are comparing archers with mages.To be honest archers are fine now, but they are way better than mages.You outdamage,outrange mage while having 3k m def. -And @Emerald says that mages are most used class, i mean come on this is how l2 supposed be, archers and mages are top priority classes its not special that we have mages .And you give statics from website(classes) it shows main class, 95% on that list has archer sub :) -After this wall of text, this is what i suggest: * Heavy nerf on rune protection *Boost MC damage from x2 to x3 or 2.5 *Boost mc rate slightly *And boost daggers for solo funnerz. :) Im down to upload any kind of fraps/screenshots etc. if you want me to do so,for detailed proofs