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  1. Problem With hat i Lost 12k Donate Coin for Hat and dont see Anything in Orc Girl ...Check pls Char name : Christine
  2. Araujo


    can show me this topic for Change this ? i dont see this change on forum
  3. I know every server Hi5 i think Need 10 Or 15 Games for Hero ... How make Hero on this Server with 9 Games ? And i think post Emerald for this say For Hero Need 10 Match with 1 Win
  4. Araujo

    Overwatch - Anakim

    why to nerf it,its funny event and its just for 4 min,nobody made millions for 4 min,even if anakim is good for nukers...thats life. If u destroy anakim,this event will be more boring than lucky chests
  5. dont try to missguide the admin,this post has to do with the balance of the server. PS: really,nigga
  6. then how u explain that the 90% of server are archer and the 5% are mages?
  7. i couldnt agree more with Mellany, elemental storm/aura symphony/demon wind normally are the strongest skills on mage,and they do less dmg than hurricane and most of times failed doing 1dmg. plus, before anyone says "make skills + buy weapon put att and blah blah blah" i got +7 wep with 150att,i dont have skills + but i got valakas and...my dmg is pathetic,valakas is so useless,it makes no diffrence at all (or if it makes,its zeroless because mages SUCKS) the nerf that has been made on mages in previous season and this,its enormous. i remember the h5 season before the previous one,i had sph and classes were so retail,i was killing ppl with 2 or 3 skills,i missed that. We are playing so many hours,and there is no benefit at all,i got so good gear on my mage and i feel like i just started,archers with title 1 with +0 items are making more dmg on me that im making on them. Its pathetic,honestly. In my opinion the only thing that can bring salvation to this season and to all the h5 seasons of this server,is to nerf the archer's dmg and to bring back mages to retail or close to it. Cheers