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  1. Do you actually want us to take your hand and say "yes this is bad please look after it" it's your fucking server dude, wake up. Do you want us to take a screenshot of every event? what for? I could take a screenshot of a zerg coming to 3 people and say "yea there is not balance pls fix" but it can be actually just a moment where 1 faction was respawing. Again you are the one letting your server die faster and faster, this was a really crowded season we all noticed but then slowly the balance went to shit, was the problem stacking all the good players in one side? kinda yes but you as the admin of this project you must give solutions and no ask for them lol holy shit dude. for what reason did you put the tablet with statistics then? We are literally giving you % of the players playing on the map and all you can say is "show me screenshots of the maps" WTF. I'm honestly tired of your behavior in every post, you will probably close this thread as well because you don't consider any viable suggestions here and of course you don't because we don't fucking have them, you must make them you are the responsible of the stability of your own server.
  2. maybe order has more kills because we actually are DDs instead of fucking 123123123 warlords???? Get a brain, check the table every map is not even close to 50 - 50. epics are onesided, minis are onesided, every vip we get cornered, raid in the middle is a joke do I have to keep going?
  3. sailren last night, and you can see every other event it's not that different. Do something, because it's getting boring.
  4. because it has been proven that 2 gladis on party is broken at the beginning, you just rush everything with double cele + cele from bp. Obviously at the end game they are worse than archers daggers or even mages but that doesn't mean they are fine at the start. it's just not fun for anyone but your party, go with tyrant /gladi if you want.
  5. so for those who didn't play last IL season or simply don't remember, you can stack ol+bp in party or no?
  6. dunno where to put this thread but i want to report some streams that are afk, in fact they just display a black screen lol https://www.twitch.tv/equitovc https://www.twitch.tv/nimsoc26 https://www.twitch.tv/rhaegar19840