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  1. i didn’t mean you removed it. 😅 I would write again but not worth for it. Already nobody care about what you or me thinking about...
  2. i answered to this topic a few minutes ago but it is remowed. I didn’t say anything bad but anyway. 🤨
  3. isn’t it a little bit late? Why do you take care of server when everything end as always?
  4. Okan


    Dash’s re-use time is terrible as you said. I think i have to sacrifice 2 more buff slots for renewal and champion.
  5. Bro believe me this is very ordinary. If you had cow you would have higher p.def and this damage would be 3500. If you aldo had shield some of archer’s critical shoots would be blocked by your shield and if you don’t get shoot from the rear damage can be less. The player that killing you has HP as much as your one critical hit... I am playing this game for 17 years, playing this server for 2 years and this time is balanced like scales... In this SS you are justing paying the penalty for pow...
  6. With these buffs and armor it is not too high... If a ghost sentinel hits you from the rear 6k is normal too... BTW GuessWho has +10 or +12 DBF i think, doesn’t he? So please delete this topic and and let’s forget this shame because everybody complains about balance...
  7. Okan

    Auction house

    He didn’t even fix that fking simple ‘Dice’ thing...
  8. I am the one who get bored to see this and hear the fking voice everywhere? Even in events?
  9. i get the same error too, i think we need to upgrade out systems. 😅 My system is almost same with yours.
  10. And soultaker’s summon changes movement mode by itself. İt stops somewhere when i am runing and i need to click the button everytime to bring it near me.
  11. Yes, got maybe 20 times from now and can’t login... and the valakas...
  12. Maybe owner of the server has another job out of the server and he may want to be online during opening. 😅
  13. Okan


    As i remember, yes. You can. 🙂
  14. Okan


    a short-term test server would be good. Isn’t it?
  15. Changing town and adding titanium armors would be good. 🙂
  16. Why did you assume it? 🤔 If server ends in just 2nd week there is something wrong but you still claim that everything is fine. So why don’t you keep playing after 3 weeks? Your brain is not enough anymore?
  17. Yea, I think this is the answer which everybody searching for...
  18. Maybe you are right. Gladis are pretty balanced then tyrants. There is nothing to discuss about tyrants, i would remove this class from the server. When we compare Tyrant and Gladi it seems gladi doesn’t need a nerf but still you can see re-use delay of rush skills must be increased atleast. After nerfing tyrant, gladi will be the most attractive class even without good gear and most of players will choose to play gladi. So what will happen? You will not find a player to hit and go to training dummies to fight... ı don’t fking care about interlude, Hi5 or C3... Lineage2 is based on mages and archers. Most of players want to play these class. If you about these players every month there will be a grand opening...
  19. Boosting mages instead of nerfing tyrants and duelists will generate another unbalanced and overpowered class. That’s all. It is like creating ISIS to destroy another terrorist organisation. 😅
  20. Some people adviced to disable S80 armors, S80 weapons, S84 armors, S84 weapons, RB Accesories and enable them step by step. 1st week S80 weapon and armors can be able to buy and drop, next week others. And donate... People can donate at the first day of server and after 5 days you can see a full geared Tyrants and other OP classes walking around, killing other players like they are killing gremlins in talking island and shows ‘what is unbalancing’ so they make people leave the server even it is first week yet. BTW i still believe this; some classes are biggest factor on the situation of this server...
  21. Okan

    Some advices

    Most of people who not agree with me has already quit playing here at the 2nd week. Why? Because they are tired of getting killed by some tyrants and Duelists. They like their fingers and don’t want to hurt their fingers while trying to kill those over powered classes. They are also waiting for a solution about this but they are not agree with me anyway. Maybe they are just repining after 2nd disappointment...
  22. As a regular player i have some ideas about server that can make server better. There maybe some mistakes and we would like to know your opinions about this... -Mages can be boosted by this way and increasing critical damage a few more. -Giving archers ‘more’ critical chance even in stats still 500. -Nerfing tyrants a few and increasing re-use time of both rush skills. -Duelists still some more killable then tyrants but still need a small nerf. -Tricsters are still more powerful then archers, not sure but i think need a nerf too. -Maestro has many stun skills with low re-use time and it should be increased. -After these nerfs titan and phoenix knight will need a nerf too. -Some classes like hierophants can increase their ranks to 10 by finding a place in a party even they are really useless. Must be limited. -Rank rewards can be better like S80, S84 jewels. It can can start after rank 2 or 3 and will be helpful for new players. -BTW Raid bosses drops too many S80 and S84 jewels, after 1 week from start these jewels becames really useless and people sell them to NPC. -There must be NPC giving information about how server is working because many people don’t know about how to become noblessed, certification skills and daily missions. -Achievement rewards must be also for regular players, Not only clan leaders and residence owners. -Gift shop can be used in another specific NPC because many people still didn’t know about it and sold their items cheaper then they can sell to gift shop. When gift shop added to NPC some people gained good money by buying items from other players and selling to Gift shop. After 3 weeks from start i was warning players about thids. -More events can be added like ‘human vs zombie’ and ‘hunting grounds’. Maybe same events in 2-3 different maps. Because likes these events and feels good when they are equal with other players.
  23. I am playing here since lastest interlude season. Not more then 3 months maybe and as i said in the other title i detected some problems before you and nobody really interested about it. Also i told my opinion ( it is also many people’s opinion ) and we didn’t get any response. Again... Have enjoy with your minions. You and emerald’s never balanced system makes people leave server day by day. You can keep all the Castle and residences until end of server by this way.
  24. Have enjoy with the enemies satisfying your egos. I won’t be a part of this. The last picture explains everything what is going wrong in the server already.
  25. I posted same problem almost before and nobody wanted to consider it but when @Rhaegar says problem is solved. (Thanks to @Rhaegar BTW.) Since first Hi5 season many people are posting about unbalanced classes and still nobody cares about it. BUT same guy detected another problem as you see in the below ⬇️ and the one of the biggest problem of server get solved in 5 days and i don't want to talk about his advice adding some 'cosmetic' on the armor sets etc. If some people didn't oppose it players might be wearing something different... I mean, dear @Emerald i really wonder about this; can you really say that 'some classes (ofc you know what classes i mean) are not over powered'? or it is 3 week passed after opening and still you will not say or not do anything about this?