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  1. i didn’t mean you removed it. 😅 I would write again but not worth for it. Already nobody care about what you or me thinking about...
  2. i answered to this topic a few minutes ago but it is remowed. I didn’t say anything bad but anyway. 🤨
  3. isn’t it a little bit late? Why do you take care of server when everything end as always?
  4. Okan


    Dash’s re-use time is terrible as you said. I think i have to sacrifice 2 more buff slots for renewal and champion.
  5. Bro believe me this is very ordinary. If you had cow you would have higher p.def and this damage would be 3500. If you aldo had shield some of archer’s critical shoots would be blocked by your shield and if you don’t get shoot from the rear damage can be less. The player that killing you has HP as much as your one critical hit... I am playing this game for 17 years, playing this server for 2 years and this time is balanced like scales... In this SS you are justing paying the penalty for pow...
  6. With these buffs and armor it is not too high... If a ghost sentinel hits you from the rear 6k is normal too... BTW GuessWho has +10 or +12 DBF i think, doesn’t he? So please delete this topic and and let’s forget this shame because everybody complains about balance...
  7. Okan

    Auction house

    He didn’t even fix that fking simple ‘Dice’ thing...
  8. I am the one who get bored to see this and hear the fking voice everywhere? Even in events?
  9. i get the same error too, i think we need to upgrade out systems. 😅 My system is almost same with yours.
  10. And soultaker’s summon changes movement mode by itself. İt stops somewhere when i am runing and i need to click the button everytime to bring it near me.
  11. Yes, got maybe 20 times from now and can’t login... and the valakas...
  12. Maybe owner of the server has another job out of the server and he may want to be online during opening. 😅
  13. Okan


    As i remember, yes. You can. 🙂
  14. Okan


    a short-term test server would be good. Isn’t it?
  15. Changing town and adding titanium armors would be good. 🙂