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  1. Like i think so better nerf summoners more so no one play at all for it
  2. No one cares mages already leaver server dis balanced at all gl on next seson troll nerf half mc half mc rate
  3. So all cry about sh but nerf was for all mages even summoners? Nice joke lets go with titan now he can kill mage/summoner from 2 to 6 seconds
  4. Is this a joke? Summoner was low and now it nerfed mc dmg and mc rate Sph never was strong then they get attack 1v1 with same items why you do this for this server @Emerald neft logic not half best player in server test with items and give buff for newbies it will better than balance between old players and new players Changelist #5 * Tanks will now take 25% more damage and deal 33% more damage. * Added new map: Border Outpost (Siege). * Decreased mcrit damage by half. * Changed mcrit rate nerf from 30% to 50%. * Introduced back half-lethals to daggers. * Empowering Echo m.atk. bonus reduced from 25% to 15%. * Critical heal amount reduced from x3 to x2. * Reduced Chain Heal amount of targets from 2-4 to 2-3. * Teams in Multi TvT will be random when under certain population amount. * Fixed after a clan takes Aden Castle attackers will be teleported to Aden Town instead of main town. * Fixed players could cast Seal of Ruler below the artifact. * Fixed "cannot see target" sometimes when casting seal of ruler while on the ramp. * Fixed Keucereus Base CTF map flag locations. * Fixed players couldn't attack each other in Aden Siege event.
  5. Sure it will be nice at least he can have basic buff not only minimum skills space and low p def/mdef its already nerfed
  6. Why Summon and summoner have different buff max buff slots even if you learn skills its not count on summon?