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  1. Vima

    dear GM

    Yourself have chosen to play with these rules.
  2. Vima

    dear GM

    Normal server norm ballance. But i hate this limit healers and kill point for healers. Are you fighting for balance in HF5? Good luck. These chronicles are for team play.
  3. Vima

    dear GM

    Stop crying, it was discussed at the start of the season. You haven't discovered America.
  4. you are a racist You have not watched a lot of people. Because those features that you described have no race, you can find in your city, if you look. How often do you see the flag on Russian houses, or the background?
  5. With 4 cansel, easy) Another thing is to survive under attack by 4 Glads. Or 4 Archer.(arbalester) 5 vs 5 everything is possible. But selection will not give you an equal game.
  6. Vicious Stance doesn't work too? Acrobatic Move... Esprit...
  7. Increases P. Atk by ... during a critical attck. Not critical damage... It's like 3% and 5%.
  8. Have you heard about the balance buff? About 6k mage deff and 30k hp tyrants?
  9. Vima

    Farm Zone

    Sense of the new farm zone? If there are no points Spreads and kills? In HF5 there were party carics for this. (farm) Which are many times stronger than local bosses. Yes, even for res, kil points are not awarded, not even adena is important.
  10. Vima

    Range Buff

    The topic of buffs increasing range above 900. Show the difference, you drowned for the fact that over 900 and 1200 gives 30-50%.
  11. Vima

    Range Buff

    You shoot buffs or 900 range skills. Snipe for the same attack n. Show the damage difference at 1200. With the same stats. Do not forget about randomness
  12. Vima

    Range Buff

    Can someone noob read too much? and have not heard of the spread of damage? and as for only less than 900
  13. Vima

    Range Buff

    This message is not for you if you are hoping to have a 1200 range solo kill the healer, good luck.
  14. Vima

    Range Buff

    You won’t lose or gain, from buffs to a distance. You still say to make 600 resist from holiness and you will be protected by 200%. OMG