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  1. Renerise

    More cosmetics

    Hey man if you can't beat them join them see you in l2tyr-- l2ovc next season 🙂
  2. P att P attack does not matter (here at least) i tested... all i know is having STR (not p atack) helps with that double crit blow rate so basically u can buy dual daggers +0 with lvl 0 element and u are full geared lol (Tested on Elf Dagger)
  3. I saw it too he was permastunned all fight with only 1 stun getting resisted so it was fun to watch xD
  4. So there is like a entry point you have to do some decent damage to boss to get drops Boss jewels are random So being in party is best choice
  5. And i got 0 drops not even mats like why? Anyone had this problem?
  6. as you see he made it possible move on
  7. It still stucks a guy tried it and it still stucks If it stucks then that summoner share buff or smth like that should stuck as well... Maybe remove those transforms one and for all?
  8. Its like saying you killed a person IRL but should not be punished because you didn't knew the laws? XD
  9. You make yourself look even dumber its unreal
  10. Dont talk about stuff you have 0 idea about.
  11. Its not yet some players keep randomly disconect but not everyone
  12. archers are easier to play easier to farm has good aoe for assists skill compare to mages.
  13. I do like 3k with QA only and lvl 4 +6 bow on Mellany with Arcana set why is this post even here?