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  1. Gluttony


    Thnx guys im glad i made my 2nd class nerfed as expected . yamada is a down syndrome japanese its understandable but emerald as an owner of a h5 you should read skills descriptions or go to interlude again check what 2 icons + blunt do and this guy is using 2 zerks lol what do you expect
  2. copy? i had pala since server started but mage was fine so there was no need to play it . teach me pala on forum keep this up i m amused
  3. did you ever see me complain about getting that dmg on mage ? its normal whats the gift exactly ? on the other hand doing that dmg for the 1st time i would screenshot too
  4. Gluttony


    +1 newbies with 500% gear bonus need to get cap dmg 1k from fully stacked players . i would reccomend a paralyze debuff on rank 3 or higher when a newbie hits you so he can kill you w/o any discomfort
  5. Gluttony


    All of you cry babies consider dynasty and 1 resist buff top end game set up of course you ll get that dmg and if cc existed would be twice that .Destro full gear gave me 5k on 2 icons + ud its about 12,5k p def and i have more than 300 def attris did you see me complain or making a post ? News flash blunt weapons combined with the right skills crit the fck out of you . Nerf me because x and y interlude players found out that lineage didnt stop on 2006 .
  6. Gluttony


    thats how paladin works on h5 l2p i may hit sb and do 20 normal hits before i crit . it just so happens im trying to combine my icons to get the most out of the class ( consider also that i have to chase every target to the spawnguards cause everyones outrunning me ) . well i farmed my 1st class and got nerfed now lets nerf the 2nd nothing out of the ordinary im excepting more nerf on tanks than todays 3% lets make everything useless
  7. Gluttony

    Dagger classes

    1st I suggested a boost that doesn’t benefit me . ( w/o testing as I said ) 2nd 99% of the maps are ranged in il too not only in this season . 3rd an sts can’t 2-3 shot a dagger if not being under enlight+impulse . If he does there’s something wrong with the dagger . Lastly h5 is supposed to be well balanced where everything is playable but no let the class disappear because I didn’t test and you have to lay shit on every post as a true forum warrior but I guess that’s on me making a topic . Cu in game enough forum for me
  8. Gluttony

    Dagger classes

    Daggers are pretty much non existent on the map and that’s a shame . I d like to see more sprees ended by this assasin class rather than only gladis/tyrants rushing in and wipe the floor with us ( Nothing against those 2 classes let em 2-3 shot mages as they r supposed to ) . I miss that sweet pain in the ass hunting me down or even getting top ranks at maps and I don’t really see how that’s possible on interlude and not on h5 . Concept wise melee classes have a disadvantage against ranged ones so what I m saying is give them a little boost in dmg or a considerable lethal rate . Then again I haven’t tested anything just talking and suggesting that small boost by what I ve seen so far . Before cry babies complain I m playing mage (sts) now and every il season .