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  1. No answer to that post, and people still using wallhack seems like. BB server forever so.
  2. I donate every season and I might never play again if this guy can still play on server, and any other exploiter. Perma ban is the only answer to this. The guy just believe he's untouchable, if he is there is nothing to do here.
  3. Damn guys, this was just a question. By the way, something could potentially be done seeing all the recurve bow crafter trying to sell their good 😃
  4. Of course they are. As a PR I'm breaking my keyboard anytime a Tyrant or Glad jumps on me and kills me, no matter his gear. But it's the game I'd say, we've seen what nerfing did last season...
  5. This is normal behaviour for all "mirage" skills that makes you lose the target on hit. Otherwise it'd be a pretty useless skill.
  6. I keep on disconnecting since yesterday too. Happened like 6 times yesterday evening. My client is clean.
  7. FreeWatter


    Fact is he does more than 20 kills easily by round. But again, this isn't the point. We surely do have a problem on sps (and surely sorcerors). If it's not consider as a problem to fix, I'll build up another SH, no prob.
  8. FreeWatter


    Friend created a GK 2 days ago, no gear at all (except unenchanted dynasty). No healer, 3 times higher kill count and score than I in like 70% of the maps. I can get killed by any good melee even having a healer on me. Rush has no cd, don't know why u talking about "running". I totally disagree with your point.
  9. FreeWatter


    Matter of facts, SH needs nerf, got nerf, and nerf got cancelled, let it be. Tyrant/glad/Overlords/tanks can still make their way in the game, considering sh power, and tbh I see more and more tyrants, this could mean they are "playable". Might be 5 actives SPS counting me, nerfing empowering echo won't push people to create more of them. Don't know, refresh might help, but sounds a bit weird to call a rare and good augment to make your char "decent". You're pushing it to the limit. To be honnest, I didn't want to create this thread, got pushed by friends to do it since it sounds stupid to delete a char to recreate a new one. Hope this will have an effect
  10. FreeWatter


    Hello, Very first time on this server and I've chosed to play SPS, tried to be consistant and keep on playing no matter what, but I feel like changing to SH (which requires to create a new char ). As long as 90% of mages are SH, it might mean they are a little bit OP. You've chosen to get back on the 10% nerf (which I can understand), so why not give a little boost to SPS (and other mages). So few suggestions : - Do something about cast speed : above 1500 cast spd, there is no dps improvement. As many hydro blast used in 1min with 1500 and 1999 cast spd. So reduce de reuse time of hydro blast, or find a way to get this cast speed any useful. - Increase fear land rate (for all mages except SH, so we can be worth vs melee) - Increase cancel range to 900 - Increase mages (excluded SH )damages (not to reach SH damages, but get slightly closer). I give it a try before rerolling =) Regards,
  11. Created a forum account just to say how impressed I am by your patience and will to give proper answers to random flames As it's done, I'll try to give you an answer to your request (but unfortunately no solution) : 1. You should have NEVER give this guy the pleasure to read your post. He did this to annoy you, you showed him how annoying he was, he must be now pleased and will surely go on (and give ideas to other people) 2. You seem to know the game, there is no magic against this in such a server. You might want to stack CON/Epics/resists/talismans. Otherwise, play a full CON dorf, but you wont deal anymore damages. Since you posted, you must have in mind that this guy should be obligated to stop doing this (not giving any way to do it). I don't see any other way than banning him to make him stop (or a GM asks him to stop, otherwise he'll get banned). In any case, this would be unfair. He plays the game and do things the game allows him to do. He surely has reasons to. You might have 8k damaged his main char, more than once. He might have tried to play better, build more gear, or whatever, but ended up being brutalized again and again by you, so as a Chaos, he found a way to prevent you from doing huge damages to Chaos's DD. Sounds like he got something personnal, but in fact, he surely doesn't know you peronnaly. He knows your char deals damages, he prevents you from doing it. Might surely be really annoying, I deeply feel sorry for you, and again, you must be really annoyed to post this. As I said in "1", you should have not said anything. It must have been as annoying (or even more) for him than for you to do so. The only fun he can get is to see you raging, and you offered it to him, feeling really sorry for you, this will only motivate him.... And again, really impressed by your constructive answers to random flamers :') Best of luck