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  1. If you want to increase the delay .. that is at least 10 seconds but 15 seems crazy
  2. I do not mean the aggression in AOE, I talk about the individual agression, regarding the farm, is it more difficult to press f1 with a magician / archer to farm adenas? ... if we start looking for equality then that the "shacle" of the tank have more rate and last longer since it is the only way to reach the enemies ... but well, we know that only the complaints of "some" interest here ...
  3. Emerald can you explain to me why you have increased the delay in the skill aggression of the tanks from 5 to 15 seconds? We are a class that costs a lot to play, and we have a skill that allows us to get a bit of adena and xp / sp that is called aggression and you have tripled it in its delay .... I think many players have cried for you to increase it , but I think it's not a good decision, it's part of the game and a tank skill, why don't you also increase the delay in other skills? but of course we are 4 who play tanks and prefer that 4 people be unhappy before the rest of the server, for my part up to here my time has arrived on the server, thank you and good luck to all.