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  1. Just a simple question about the system . Is it character based or weopon armor based?.
  2. I agree too. would prefer if you didnt add them
  3. Juno

    Kamael Weopons

    My suggestion is simple, to put the kamael weopons in the s84 shop so you can buy them instead of buying the normal weopon and changing it to kamael. Also iridescent made a topic about how you need to have a weopon without the sa or the pvp effect to be able to change it to kamael weopon. So we end up with a problem . we need either to buy a weopon and upgrade it fully once or each time we need to add a sa before and after we change it
  4. Juno


    I would prefer a cloak too even if it has the same stats with tattoo. It would be more appealing visually. Plus it would be an extra if you want to buy one. Since tattoo here isn't that amazing stat wise so having a cool look to add to that it would be great
  5. That could work. It will help melee classes a lot. Especially in IL since they don't have gap close mechanics
  6. The location on the broken ship it give more ways to engage the enemy . It bring better dynamic to that fight. So i believe its better than the current one.
  7. Its the way developers made it. Its usually used to close the defence gap of your main attri . So you can use the points more offencive
  8. The attri necklaces ony gives defencive stats + attri xp.Its not a bug. Thats how it is . It should give 80 water defence and 15% attri xp and 96 m def The descriptions says it . :MP +42, Water Attack Defense +80, Acquired Attribute XP +15%. Cannot be enchanted using enchanting items.
  9. Nvm made a +8 Daimon crystal (216 mttack).You get the mattack bonus and the m crit dmg it seems. Might was cuz i tested on Delf summoner and the mcrit dmg wasnt that big to notice the diffrence. P,s So frintezza gives skill power too?
  10. when i tested on pvp . i did the same dmg on m crit dmg was only a slight diffrence i guess cuz of the pvp dmg (around 100dmg more). also i tested it versus a +10 A weopon (228 mattack) while hero scepter has 219mattch . And with the hero equiped i have 500 mattack less that +10 A . now i dont know how weopon dmg scaling works. so i cant say for certain that mattack bonus that you get from hero weopon doesnt work.
  11. For frintezza i cant say but hero scepter doenst give the proper stats. i tested it and i dont get the stats that wiki says it gives. So its not just a typo
  12. So i noticed that frintezza neck doesnt give the proper stats. I dont know if its a visual bug or not since i dont have the wind mandra to buy it and upgrade it to check it out. Heres the in game stats of frintezza neck: And here is the stats that wiki says it should have : Both of them on lvl 1.
  13. So i found a visual bug of the ring of baium lvl 2. While i get the stats . in the passive sectiong i get this : instead of this :
  14. Juno

    Hero skills

    Hero skills can stay on your sub class . Not sure if its intended. Also they are not self cast . like they where in other seasons.
  15. So since we have heroes now that and olympiad rewards that mean that we can buy extra talismans. Wouldnt be better instead of selling lvl 4 bracelet to sell lvl 5 which gives 3 slots?. Or even better make it the lvl 4 to be able to upgrade but only to lvl 5. so you can have an extra slot . for the 2 main talismans (Toi and border ) and one of the 3 you can get from oly.