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  1. 1.Full Bottle of Souls - 5 Souls(should be a free thats for a kamael class for his skills power on it(expect death shot/multiple shots isn't for it) but if you play slh/db/trickster you need them for your skills, why they're with adena? Should be a free item, lol. Attributes: Add One click attributes lvl 7 but make them expensive, i don't see a point to buy like 10000 attributes, just to make it lvl4-7 its annoying to (click/click/click) when you can just add lvl 7 attribute with One-click but to be expensive... About enchant skills: SP its way so hard here in the server, i don't know why, i don't see a point to be a hard especially SP... the other thing if you make with giant codex your skills +10-15 its fine, but then you need to buy a Giant Codex Mastery there coming the problem you need for it SP+Adena, and it waste a lot of your adena for it(around 600adena per enchant.. so you need to gives 12500 for one box+600-1k adena per enchant so? isn't so expensive?, should be fixed to waste only SP w/o adena, because that server its everything with adena, so for make +30 skills, you will need a huge amount of adena like 5 milion for +30 maybe for make all skills if GCM waste your adena... and when SP its hard too.. Talismans with FA: i don't know why they're for FA(in donate shop) but anyway, the other thing its why they're 60/60? so you will give a tons of FA for one talisman to play with it like some hours then dissapear, make it with more time or just make it Forever, if gonna be on a huge price and in donate shop. GL HF ON G.O .
  2. @Emerald With System(l2.ini it works perfect) but for (Addons l2.ini not) < should be repaired and fixed.
  3. How i can fix this problem? @Emerald it doesn't gives me to log after it in account, waiting for resolve/fix. P.S > Client its re-installed and installed again(clean) its about hosts files or any others, i don't know.