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  1. You should try to become hero in a mid rate server and See what is really interesting.
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    I agree with all of that. The problem with castles is that there is only one and in L2 we have much more castles.... why dont you increase the number of castles to conquer?
  3. Olympiads are useless here for me. No impact in pvp Fiction server, specialy when you have buf limits
  4. Too late for all changes and for the tournament
  5. Seirof


    Server is going to close with 1% of people with a Valakas xD. Mantras, best solution ever xD.
  6. You are the perfect target of what i said in the post called “future”.
  7. Seirof


    It is difficult to feel useful as a melee in a faction server. This type of pvp here is about team vs team, hit n run. That is why archers always win. However, you have Other events like death match where people switch subclasses into daggers xD.
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    But we are talking about a PVP server. People play here because Of what madlaxy wrote. I dont think people will get bored if you reduce the gaps as what i said.You never know because you have to try first. I dont want to play 7hours a day and just get 56k of adena feeling the preasure of people who plays 24/7 with farmer classes And getting 200k adena in a day because they know all the “tricks”. I just want to focus on killing people in a massive pvp server and getting killstreaks with my clan and playing with the char that i want because all is balanced and i dont need to think what is the meta because all clasess have their own counter and i accept that. That is the point for me.
  9. Seirof


    If you make things easier, you reach the top faster so the gap between a 24/7 adena farmer and a beginner becomes shorter. This means more competence and people dont quit that fast. The point is to reduce that gap into simple enchant skills, enchant weapon/armor. Like all Other pvp servers, but this time in a faction pvp server. Now people who is interested in this server will see that people are going with DB +10 in just a week Hitting that hard, after that, they are gonna kill somebody and get 30 adena,then, they will see how much adena you need to reach that and finally they will quit.
  10. Seirof


    If i am new in this server and i see people with DB at day 2, i quit. That is why this server is dead after 2 weeks. Things should be much easier to get. People like pvp, they dont come here to know the best way to farm. That is why the funniest days are the first ones. After that, you Start watching people with DB hitting 5k per F1 and you quit because people here dont sleep, they just want to farm till they are full and then they create the fucking op archer.
  11. That is not the rea son why people leave. Look at the H5, nobody was full s84 elegia full element/skills. We were all dynasti.
  12. I like all except 4 and 5. Besides, i will increase all the drop items and adena. we are talking about a pvp server with 2 weeks of life, things cant be expensive.
  13. Official Olys are good, i wont Change anything i like the clan achievements and the daily achievements idea
  14. This is a pvp server, not a farm server. I would aument all the adena ratex and all the drops and let all be s84 full so much earlier. Just farm a little bit more BOSS jewells and elegia armor/weapon and +30skills. official way to get certifications like another pvp h5 server but faction, easy. You can not Start farming and crafting in a monthly server come on. Reduce the gap, five all easier and then you Will see better what you can nerf or not.
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    Warlord class!

    Yes, as you can see, there is much variety here 😂. in this server, the chronicle doesnt matter because the server has always the same functionality. Second, i dont care about a chronicle because the problem here is not the chronicle, is how to balance the chronicle. We are not playing in a official l2 H5.
  16. Yes... tanks in h5 should be much better. The Funny thing is that if you nerf now archers, the server in this season die now 😂. That is why it wont happen.
  17. Seirof

    Warlord class!

    That is why i suggested an Interlude server. Less things, easier to balance. Interlude 2019 december was very balanced.
  18. Tyrants cant do more than 2-2,5kper hurricane( critical), gladys cant do more than 5k per triple sonic splash (critical) archers cant do more than 2-2,5k per critical hit, mages cant do more than 3k for a wind vortex slug for example (critical), tricksters cant do more than 2k per critical hit....
  19. Archers are doing 6k 5k 7k per critical hit. i have never seen that in the history of lineage 2, even in c4. i left the season.
  20. We are 2 mages in this server who have to compete against all archers full crit rate without Focus SA. Please, let us do Some crits against archers...
  21. Seirof


    If the server opens with the same Adena ratex as before the x1000, the time you will spend in getting s84 equip will be so much more than the time the seasson dures. the Cost of enchant skills is huge. The Giant codex and giant codex masteri almost dont drop. Attribute enchant ratio is super low. Besides that, in my opinion the way to get the certifications should be by subclass as always in h5.