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  1. l0l

    new expert skill

    This and not to mention u can easily have clan skills shield rate and shield power from clan skills, on top of that, it's insane dmg reducer, but they better runs full glass dps setup instead.
  2. l0l

    new expert skill

    Haha maybe check every maps top kills before suggesting smth like this
  3. l0l


    There should be alternative for mantra system, letting to buy epics for adena too, couse now if 1 side gets stomped like this, they are getting even more behind, for not getting these upgrades, dont see any balance in it.
  4. l0l


    Imagine sitting 15mins with VIP status and passively farming adena, ez server
  5. l0l

    remove elven village

    Don't reg if ur potato pc can't handle it.
  6. l0l


    Why do u even bothering to talk about heroes then they are free?
  7. l0l


    Everyone agrees on it, top secret revealed.
  8. l0l


    +1, those run maps for hitting ur target once are rly bad designed and most of the time ppl just skips them of logs off.
  9. l0l


    @Emerald looking for answers, we were autofilled to order's and won this rb and suddenly rr, waiting for compensations.
  10. l0l


    Ask ur self why aren't u even somehow near the top list with ur carry team? U failed on the first day with your AOE setup, so just stfu already.
  11. l0l


    U dickholded swiss already, why are u even crying about 1 clan?
  12. First of all u'r suggestion is a crap, it's same as I would ask to increase reduce for cancels for example, couse it fcks me w/o any arguments. Secondly, u have to be rly lucky to get that refresh, it's not even noticeable, since only couple of ppl got it on first days. It's seems that u'r new in here, since tyr/glad classes are widely used only at first week mostly, later they fall out since archers and mages are get to the top tier and like 80% of them gonna re-roll to it.
  13. U sound more like as brainsoff, with the crap u'r bringing to this forum.
  14. l0l


    So take the castle, it has to be the most attractive event on the server to compete for it.
  15. Another wannabe archer w/o items epics etc to crit for 3k+