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  1. I stopped playing but at least don't hide the statistics page.... I want to know how many hours xveilside played so far In a week 😞
  2. PrayForMercy

    No Bishop

    I saw the boost myself last H5 season... I was making 20-25k adena per map at least and I didn't even have CP or had the scroll from start of the season like you always have....the fact that you play with CP + maybe adena scroll on each pt member helps a lot + playing all day more or less 18 hours it's also an advantage. But trust me.... Your progression would be much slower without it. Way slower. You just can't admit it because it makes the server look bad. The mats are cheap..... You have the money..... Who's stopping you having that vesper light set and bow? Like No1.... Cuz yet again I noticed you joined the no-lifers gang like you always try to do.
  3. PrayForMercy

    No Bishop

    Healers this season got mega nerfed in rewards and you still complain? Ofc you will mostly see them only in organised CPs where people share rewards with each other Cuz playing one solo is worthless now, you get so few rewards that is better to roll dps. Also random don't know what group play is.... Running all over the places.... So you might want to remove clans.... Remove parties..... And voila.... Welcome to lineage 2 solo.... You have everything you ever wanted @Emerald... No more healers.... No more OP clan skills... Less Group play that might still happen... But harder to do... Keep going with the nice changes. 1 more week or so and server will be empty again. Good luck.
  4. Mage with refresh is a beast.... Too bad I never ever got it despite using over 9000 thousands LS..... Since I started playing this server in 2012 or so.... All those lucky biciz that I see every season using it....getting it in 2 LS.... Can kiss my butt 😘
  5. What did you expect? He just recruited STR8 too... Their team is complete now... 3-4 glads... 2-3 tyrants.... 1 dagger and some archers.... They don't need anything else except "cosmetics" now. On topic .... Let's not mix goddess of destruction stuff with H5.
  6. PrayForMercy

    Range Buff

    Crits for 2.5k? Is this the low end value or woot?
  7. Yeah that happens sometimes..... You didn't get enough pve or pvp points.... Bad luck....
  8. I've been on waiting list for longer than that this season .... And especially last season when domi was changed to healer classes. It's a shame that you can't join enemy faction either...
  9. He is always looking for proofs... This is what most topics are missing....
  10. I can't answer you this question.... But what I can tell you is that subclass certificates are not obtainable retail like... The items for learning those are being rewarded when ranking up..... Also you can't learn transformations anymore.... Which sucks.
  11. PP can use battle heal and debuff... And res? But for this I should be the one asking you...... Since you played PP last season.... WC can DPS, chant of life... Sleep... Fear etc..... . And the cherry on top of the cake.... Great fury which I haven't seen being used at all past season.... And its such a good skill...
  12. It will increase the demand of some support classes PP/SE/EE in parties (which will be optional because the buffs are available at NPC Buffer also). It will create diversity and people won't use only cardinals in party. I suggested to leave the normal 5 minutes duration so that we have some complexity in using those, not cast them with buff bots in town and play 3 hours with it. About the penalty @Canou the normal skills decrease speed by 20% .... and enchanting to +15 (which is a 3rd class skill and it's a bit harder to reach) will remove that penalty. Since you sacrifice healing power to have this advantage I don't see any reason to nerf the penalty. Please keep in mind that I only said prophecy skills....I did not include WC or OL in this. You sir .... can gtfo and keep Rhaegar ass clean. Thanks.
  13. let's be honest ... I tried to create a new char close to the end of the first season .... and playing with lvl 2 attributes on armors / no attributes on weapons against full level 7 is bad ... population was low and there was no fun getting killed over and over and over again ... also due to low damage (because of lack of attributes).... for "killing" old players (more like attacking because you can't kill old players when you are 2-3 hits for them), I was getting 20-40 adena drops and gear penalty was 240-300+++ The main problem that I see is that new people are well undergeared and forced to PvP against top players because there is no other way to improve their character. You might say ..... "There is a farm zone" for that .... but Farm Zone is 1h limited each day and again you also get Pk'ed by other old players and you get even less time to farm there. So the progression for people joining after 1-2 weeks IS NON EXISTANT. this is where you have to work to make the server last longer .... It's true that people come and go .... but new people won't just join and stay to get fragged all the time. Also the "Portal" seems a bit too complicated with a lot of different information and options.