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  1. How much its the enchant atribute crystal rate of a weapon? I fail 15 crystal in a row. Bad luck? Too low rate?
  2. Hey im tamilu i play int healingmastah clan with you i think, if its correct pm me i will play this seas to.
  3. tamilu3


    you forgot auraflash for target and 2more expansive. and chaos. frostbolt
  4. 60 de ping desde arg? imposible, yo juego con 298 de ping y soy del interior.
  5. STFU i never abuse you just a rat kidd try to bann all the people who's better than you. P/D: was sitting doing nothing and chatting,getting fun.
  6. tamilu3


    SPS Without cancel = cant do a Sh1t, what are you talking about dude, its fine.. if u want to remove cancel, remove lethal from dagers, celestial from gladys, and goes on... its pretty balanced.
  7. I wanna thank all for the support. NOW ENJOY THE FKing GAAAAAAAAAAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. oh mojo i don't know who you are but thanks for the company. i got bad luck, bad players cry and well, we got ban don´t be mad enjoy the game while it last. Grettings from Argentina.
  9. Farming?, im just Sit Writing Dude, the Circle its yours how i can get anything from there?... I was sitting Enjoying the view, but if im better than yoo and that botter, keep making post like this.... And The Bp its only healing for funn, there no one to heal OMG:!