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  1. No matter how many balance test u do in beta its simply not realistic. Beta shouldnt be for balance check but to check for bugs and make sure features work as intended. - If Emerald had done the general changes i suggested even aggressive-dd tank would be possible (ofc sacrificing survivability), but oohh well.. Maybe one day he finally gets it.
  2. We can have 3 Masteries? or 3 in total? (3, including the low passives)
  3. Mersiles

    Tide spots maps

    Thx for the tips although i am not sure ill keep playing. And no its not related to balance, balance is fine. Its more related to the lack of features im just interested in more build diversity,(dont ask me what i want, u wont get an answer) something that doesnt exist right now. Like for example most skill enchants are obvious, maybe 2 skills out of 10 have 2 good choices. But yeah, thx.
  4. There is nothing wrong with the guy. If you were to play a tank you would HAVE TO focus on one target as well until he either dies or you but im sure you play an annoying range class, just sitting far in your safety and acting cool.
  5. Thats what tanks do and obviously its easier to follow one because ST aggro has lower cd. Aoe aggro is for secondary use, you cant play the game around it.
  6. How his stun lands so much?? Mine doesnt... wtf..
  7. Mersiles

    Tyrants Totems

    you stop making dumb comments cause u arent creative. not everybody is born like that.
  8. Mersiles

    Tyrants Totems

    This is not exactly a suggestion, its more of a question So. The good thing for Tyrants in Interlude was that all totems were truly unique, they all offered different stats and it was a matter of choice what to pick. On Hi5 things got dummed down and now there are like 3 totems useful. Rabbit, Hawk and Ogre. So the question is: Are you willing to modify the rest of the Totems so that they are competitive with the other 3? If yes, i can come up with suggestions. So let me know.
  9. So what is its a faction server? In a faction server a tank can choose how he wants to play. Play as DD or whatever else. The choice is the beauty of the game. There are maps where tanks can work as normal pvp class just fine, so again its a choice. In L2 tanks could always PVP. Yeah obviously not THE BEST dds but they were something that was tanky and could still kill. So i dont see why u should restrict them into bots that only spam aggro.
  10. Mersiles

    Tide spots maps

    @Emeraldmaps where all the focus is one place (like the cave - domination), after some time it gets very very laggy. At least for me who doesnt have a modern pc. Just so u know.
  11. Hello. Can u plz tell me @Emeraldhow rewards are given? i mean. for example, how much gold the kill gives and does amount of the reward different depending on the class? same for assists, heals etc.