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  1. pm shi0 para clan
  2. Server not perfect, have some critical errores in much situations, for example in snow map, every time critical
  3. Hello all My opinion Warlord class need some balance in reuse skills, every time can use stuns? dash have more time reuse than warlord stuns Is bored every time take stun, need fix time reuse only, no % succes chance. Regards,
  4. When i join, one announcements say: u have 3 achievements for open or similar, i don't remember exactly. How i can make these achievements? Thanks in advanced.
  5. really hard, much people leave because valakas cost 300.000 adenas? what the fuck?
  6. Bro, i have one friend in map, What u say?
  7. yep, these people are farming full adena and tthe rest of the people in the city, big problem...
  8. flag map bug, and only 6 players can play, these boys are full farming and the all people can't join... bad point for server
  9. 6 players (chaos team) are farming in flag map, bug server maybe
  10. Yep, one frienda are in the map, he farm 50k adenas in 35 mins, with their bot. Maybe gm make small rollback or idk...
  11. ye, only some players stay in flag map, for example "Macri" one dwarf bishop are full farming, when ppl can't join.. with some others players too