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  1. Naikis


    Hope this aoe nerf will dissapear same as limits of classes in pt lol 😄 till then mine gang will rest gl hf all 🙂
  2. Cia vienos saw servas su bugais ar be 😄 smagu pamedziot bet grt baigias kai viska nerfina non stop
  3. Need no regular dyn but some custom ones with big defs and better other stats also make them cost around 5-10times more than s
  4. Naikis


    We need s grade ez to get and some dynasty or something rly rly rly hard
  5. Naikis


    this was made not to cry about aoe classes u all can take them if u like we would have more meat to aoe its about makingsolo player gear up faster so they would love server...
  6. Naikis


    Yo what u guyz think about making adena/mats drop like x3 or even x5 for future seasons or atleast make it like after 2days from start becase every sez same things happen first 2days server is full of ppl thennew guyz who cant catch up with regs and parties who share everything just leave maybe making s grade in 2dayz for solo player would make him stay not for only start fun ... items making ez and epic farming hard like now could be nice combo for all to keep online more stable maybe 🙂
  7. Naikis


    delete this stupid mantra system or leave it and make epic for adens also avaible now in the server adenas has almost no value .... and the most important thing disable your stupid balancing system let orders go order chaos go chaos in boss event how da fuck playersshould feel then we play organized party and our bish get ported to opposit side witch even have more ppl ....
  8. why tyr nerfs is 10% and gladi 30% what idiot make this suggest ? they should have same nerf thats for sure xaxa also wtf is with suport ranks now ffs...
  9. Most ppl leave after hero remove oly bcs it makes only couple farmers happy and rest get mad burn leave at all and make some hero coin 1day from epic or some stats /day or atleast remove hero weaps on h5 so in one day 20 top weap not apear in server besause most guyz here do not farm weap just wait for hero bow or 2h as wc dwarf se bd or any other useless main class
  10. All aument in h5 is trash best one +1str or +14 critical x2 not counting 110nuker or prayer for olys... all h5 servers its same but in ovc on interlude also nerfed augment bonuses making refresh the only good one at il ....
  11. Naikis

    No Bishop

    So just leave why ask for any changes if u already know then u leave
  12. Naikis

    No Bishop

    Or found some friends boyz... l2is team game group play here is nerfed so so much and u now want no healers xaxaxa go oly show these guyz who play with healers how its done on 1x1 😕
  13. This event rly funny and something different i gues just make buffs off all transformations last for couple mins would be fine
  14. Naikis


    This waiting list sucks couple times mine bish didnt reg first second and waited till the end off the map 23+m...
  15. almost every seazon he nerf nerf nerf everything in benefit of solo player .. l2 is team game if u dont know ....random guy should not kill clan party but sadly u try to make this bullshit possible if u wanna know clans keeping your server alive not some come and go randoms ... sure maybe random guyz donate more but still its not reason to nerf group play every seazon btw make limit for tyrants in map like u did for tankers because this seazon gonna bee tyrant only in 3-4 dayz
  16. are u f king kidding me 5 was even to low first he make ee not allow with bish in same pt ... then se cant join bishop ....then overlord cant join bishop then u cant heal ppl not in party or heal other suppors.... now 4 ppl in party so all players should go 2tyrant +wl or 3 archers and bish (if u dont know why u are noob player in general )? so stupid logic maybe lets do 2 ppl maximum in same party and no supports at all u should rename server to l2 SOLO or L2 NERF
  17. Naikis

    make cele balanced

    Another noob random who wants solo play in server 😄 u can get cancel even if target is celested whitch is op thing on his own so go look for friends or make sword muse and go for flags or something 😄
  18. Like any mage in interlude +5 wit 4 int expert book mcrit and base stats for extra wit...after got valakas play pow if got refresh surender wortex and huricane only with no refresh best combine spike also depends on enemy resists
  19. before crying about bad mages look at this dworf mafiaKingdom or something like this 😄 he was almost on every map top he was playing mage .... sure he had great team of supports but if u dont have great team or if u play with one broke hand like half players here u cant bee on top simple as that peace
  20. omfg even emo crying banned kid like me self can tell that this interlude was rly good balanced (no in refresh getting 😄 😄 ) but in killing top killers and difrent classes running around 😄 ( only warlord should have some limit like tankers got ) archers rules tops in interlude only then online is low so go cry for new sez not for nerfing 😄
  21. Naikis

    Auction house

    +++++ would be insane to have it here. With ability to buy sell augmented weapons with taxes ofc so ppl cant trade use trade 😄 since i feel i am the only guy who cant get refresh (sadly the only working augment in ovc ....) in around 200 stones 😄
  22. its great idea to add mini reward for losing and bigger for winning ( like ls or bews) so ppl would be more interested to join oly 🙂 and if u dont like that sps and sorc cant win make better class next time interlude oly is trash then we talk about balance and all players know it.so why good classes cant get reward for performing better than opponents ? you should be happy to have 30s fear here in others servers with mage or bow u only could be eatch other and thats fact
  23. thats why we need auction to be able to buy skills we need and others dont just need to make buyers taxes of like extra 10k festival or someting like this so item cant be shared non stop
  24. only skill working in this server is refresh rest u can delete dm gives like 5% ... rest is total trash actime might 65 p atk pasive empover 40 m atk and so on they nerf it because of "BALANCE" then the only skill needed nerf was dm long time ago ...... also i can add that server need auction to be able sell augmented weap with some fee for sure so ppl cant share it non stop with friends because i am already bored of using 150 ls every sez and cant get refresh so atleast i could buy others lucky one 😉