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  1. Emerald gave you direct PTS script (riddle for you: guess who he got it first from?). you can find as many invalid sources you want and you will be as wrong as any of them Abnormal type is not resist stat - what it only means it has stun effect - like f/e it can be removed on crit hit. it has nothing to resist. I will stop teaching l2 some java warriors for now. Live in you ilusion of the game or go PTS 5k w/e server and learn your lesson finally.
  2. google also diagnoses sneezing with cancer. Some "l2 fakenews" flood it as well but that does not make them more true. As said, challenge it and test it on PTS get max stacekd stun rez and get bluff stun every time w/o mental shield to see it on your own eyes. Also level 2 gives immunity which is for CL one lvl 1 says: Active: Momentarily increases Resistance to shock attacks. (gives 80 or 100 rez)
  3. Bluff is not trait(resist modifier) shock as Emerald pointed. You can have 12098 shock def and get bluff 90% of time if you have no mental shield - yes with shock/detarget/turn effect. But bluff trait(again -resist modifier) is not shock. Wana challenge it go to any PTS and see it for yourself. Titan with quadrilion con, resist shock, forti, war frenzy, lionheart will get bluffed all the time w/o mental shield with full effect. OT: Regular circlet gives +100 shock def so on 90% cap it still can land. Only Crown gives immune so only CL of clan owning castle has it.
  4. Thats why you have this many IL(tetrislude) servers. If you like it stay there.
  5. dwarfs week 1, orcs week 2, elves week 3, d elves week 4, kamaels week 5, humans week 6. Satisfied?
  6. zosiek


    uuuu first archer cry. where is your counter criticall hmm? no more tears here plx.
  7. Like hero made any difference here it would make sense and realy if thats the reason ppl quit... well nothing can stop them then.
  8. I think you cant do "open in a new window" click for it to work
  9. "you" are asking for the end of the season. Sincerly gtfo. Despite of quarantine some ppl are still casuals and some still do work - I do even more than normally. And damn I am ok still running 100% dyno set against full epic elegia POSs with no hands. Another funny thing is that only 11k I got was from dwarf titan who can use it properly so rly stop crying about archers and yeah it is more archer chronicle than melee chronicle no matter what you imagine yourself.
  10. add CC to buffer, problem solved That is only reason archers are most playable class atm, nothing else. Lets see these 10k stabs/bluntcrits finally.
  11. zosiek


    Interlude players should wait for interlude. @Chevignon SLHs are oped 1vs1 on fullbuffs and basically can kill anyone BUT cant farm sh1t, they do no damage. any 1v1 can least like 2 minutes wchich is retarded.
  12. zosiek


    so which class hm?? tell we, kamael is no class
  13. zosiek


    buthurt that crosbower is better archer than pos sagi? just deal with it not that many kamallols on sv and they are broken af (slh/zerker) no, not oped at all.
  14. zosiek

    Farmzone variety

    Can we have some more farm zone variety? Atm we have only solo AOE efficent zone which is kinda unfair among classes. We can pick any class but after all consideration you will see how unfair it is. I get arround 100 mil SP/hour on my subclass mage. at same time I can do mby 25 on healer. and Id believe this is how much a single target melee can do as well (archers likely somewhere in the middle of that). Id suggest some rooms with higher damage/ 10x hp / low pdef/ ultimate magic def/lethal possible mobs for melee + somewhere in the middle of these stats undead that could be lethalable by healers as well. Farm zone is important - even if you make 5k cash on event you get only 3mil~ SP what means 1 hour farmzone is more than whole day in event. No it is not Party friendly zone atm, its not all class friendly zone eaither. And class unfairnass ratio as mentioned above can be like 1 to 4. its same with adena there of course. Please consider.