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  1. Are you serious ? f1 tard boy, pick any other class and then play for a while i swear, will see you then on forum complaining about 7-8k to b gr or 3-5k to 2.5k def...i***t of the server only you are...random boy....can't understand how archers hitting me through 2k def 3.5-4k and with 2.4k same damage....disbalanced server with archers since the start, now only archers left in sever...so emeral should do real old school GvE or if he wants balanced classes, it's too much s.h to fix. your comms always make me laugh ;))) SHILENSE IS RIGHT 100000% ++++ tried to take a tank, ofchad b gr set, but stil got those 1.8-2.5k damage with ressist skills from bow...
  2. Am...i wouldnt say so "balanced" , im telling you, i heard that this faction server is balanced for all classes what i meant - you can play every class and enjoy the game, - FALSE. it might be augments, but anyways 5-7k critical is overall, the first reason to leave the server I'm meele and i can't do more than 2-4 hits to mage's and they do critical every 2,3nd hit...thats not normal on FACTION server +++ there's more SOLO players then a grouped up friends parties or clan's..they should add another zone special for clan's partie's...if youre solo PLAYER - R.I.P
  3. I told that in the very second or third day, when the randoms being farmed with bp's and doing 24/7, what can new players do when you get 5-7k from archer s gr++?????? nothing...ZERGS JUST A ZERGS, they should not be allowed in this factionserver... Used to play a lot of servers (faction) this one have the best system with events and etc..but the worst balance ever
  4. It's my first season, and i noticed, actualy read a lot of post that a lot of classes was nerfed, what can i say, mages still op, do not know if they got WM AC+PASS AND POW but its annoying when with tyrant you can't get to them with at least 4k hp, because 80% second hit is m.crit, I SWEAR, got screenshots like sample V1P - necro, tgourh a/s gr jew +4-6 with gloom hit me 1.5k, and those m.crits does 6k, imagine me im meele and she is range, till i get to her she can speel ~4-6 skills so basicly i'm dead, + i dont think she got pow on necro...do not want to talk about sps, damage insane, i spoked yesterday with my friend, he tried the server out, and ofc, after 15m of gameplay he said, he's out, because he can't even farm when the mages and archers does pretty big damage on newbies Archer's 5-6.5k, mages crit he said ~7k, just sayin....you can find the solution for the balance, but before you run the server, make sure you tested those classes EACH , because now it seems they jsut nerfing some classes and thats it +++ with tank 2k def, bow ressist he still does 2k each crit... GREEKS HAS CORRUPTED THE SERVER..... enjoy ya lads
  5. @Lesley Your'e right bro. I been enjoyning server for few days, till i saw the s.h happening and the Chaos @Rhaegar with his clan and 2-6bp's support was having fun and farming, it was all done in those first days, he made s gr in 1day i guess so... anyways, greeks are randoms at any point, they ruined a lot of events, some events we couldnt even leave the spawn...Just a 24/7 greek style b0ts. The bad i wasted these days for nothing. This aint even a faction server, real faction server should not be allow BP'S in pvp's zones...damm too bad..
  6. Glade, please, dont cry.....about damage of pets, people were crying for you and your pt bull.sh with 2bp's in pt and 4bps outside party and farmiong like that, and youre crying for pet dmg...uselesss mob you are. if not pets theres no chance for greens to have a kills, when you got full archer pt and 8bp's around them...total B0T.
  7. By the way SILENCE, what can you do ? when you are countered by 2-4 mages even as wl, and you got 2sec's to do a move, what you gonna do ? die next where you tried to do a step...brainless pot head
  8. Lesley, Youre such a n**b. if you think its well balanced and etc..so you are zerg.. system with those mission and events one of the best i aggree, but balance,.....is s.h.... mages does crit 4k in to majestic +6 + full resist..and the system in pt is s.h because more bp;'s you got more adena you get..useless server, if you still think they will give you long term - NEVER, do you think new people like when they are killed by 1 critical ? or 1mag.crit ? and the parties who's got 2-3bps in pt and at least 2parties next to each other is just insane...so if you think thats the best OVC you never been playing any ovc 4years ago...this ovc will give you 1-2months term, i swear, people will gone. Enjoy whatever is it. Admins done good job for the system with events,zones,missions, but they should rework system in pvp's zones for farmings.. as long as this s.h keeps on, nobody will stay long only those zergs, gladiheal,gun and others from i guess IMMORTAL clan GL boys,
  9. Hi all, This is only my opinion, dont take that too deep in your .... Servers is realy bad, i like the system with events and etc... but bp's and those parties are shi*...1st day s gr's ++++ 2-3-4th day full s gr people walking around, because they wer'e farming with a bp's 1-2 in parties and etc... new players cant even farm or get kills at all, when a s gr archer with db++ does 5.6k crit, i dont even have that much hp on my mage, trash system, bp's sould be allowed in eveents at all...people leaving server , WHY? think admins think, change the system..... Waste of time