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  1. Dude you need better eyes and brain...This server is L2 AllClasses,they all are "op" in their own unique way,the owners did a fantastic job to achieve this and they wont ruin it because a pleb like you wants his class to be cancel free...I m sure you will learn to appreciate this as you play here
  2. NightCore


    If you twitch you will get small bonus buff,you will also get some buff if you vote. ( Si contraes twitch obtendrás un pequeño beneficio adicional (+1 str & INt, + 1DEX e ingenio, + 44patk + 55matk, +10 de resistencia) )
  3. Alright mates I know some of you may not fancy the grey/purple damage color,so here I am posting for the lazy ones who didnt modify their systemmsg-e.dat :D. Just put it in your system folder and you are done! This first one will just change the color: https://ufile.io/ovxzpckw The second one will change the color and it will also show the damage on the top side of your screen so it's easier to follow: https://ufile.io/d8s5gmf3 Remember we are playing this game in this amazing server for free,so the least you can do is vote all the time and donate when you can since it will not affect the gameplay but support the staff because let's be honest time costs money most of the time...so yeah....please support how you can and long live this amazing community !
  4. I m not sure what Hyper-V is but you could try to research and modify your registry when you wanna play....an example is shown in this video even tho it doesnt mention the Hyper-V: