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  1. "They have BP+SE"? solution is simple. Step 1 : open ovc forum step 2 : create a new topic (nerf nerf) step 3 : wait for the nerf to happen step 4 : omg still no nerf? im out of this server OR nice no more bp+se, but fuck it, i still cant kill them, they have top gear and still using bp, im out of this server. Thats how most of ppl are pvping here 🙂
  2. its not about melee or range, dont be stupid, its about the spawn killing that is getting ridiculous sometime and im not talking when 2 side are spawn killing 1 side. if you dont want/like the idea of the spawn guards, then block the way to run around(the circle) and leave only the middle way open so the poor player like peper will still be able to to spawn kill players and feel like its melee friendly.
  3. @Silencei got a new friend for you, he seems to know alot about a l2 pvp, thinking that cause you got all the buff you dont need party anymore.
  4. add spawn guard to each spawn and it should solve the problem.
  5. dont take it personal and ofc i understand your point, but as you said "AS solo player" even if emerald try to make some "balance(aka nerf)" to make it better for ppl that are playing solo, its going on a bad way. Lineage 2 by default is supposed to be multiplayer game, where you need teamplay. Ofc you can join it solo but you cant expect to be able as solo player to be able to have fair/even fight vs organized/grp or better geared of ppl. Emerald is doing some "change" that are against the basic of the game imo and thats why it keep getting worst and worst. Im talking in general about alot of change that happened, not only about the healer. If i follow the logic of the healer nerf and the system of the glad/tyr aoe, why during the low population time the dmg of DD class(mage/archer/dagger/etc) are not divided also? is it normal to see an archer doing 4k crit on a 5v5? or mage doing 5k+ mcrit? dagger probably doing more than 6-7k on newby? new players are going to quit the same way if they if they get so much dmg as if they cant kill someone with healer. Oh and i also forgot the few fan of "tank", during low online there pdef-mdef should also be lowered(10vs10 -80% mdef-pdef) based on the population, else how do you want some new player to kill them as they will do like no dmg and the tank will just hit them for 1-2k dmg. Those changes probably wont happen and i hope they wont, but for me it is the way the server is going for right now, cause the next step after the "nerf healer crew" could be the "nerf dd crew" and since everytime some class ppl dont like get nerf they are more than happy, its like saying "keep doing stuff like this, its really nice" but in end it is not.
  6. i understand what you mean, but sadly i dont think there is a good way to have a proper balance when online start to be low.
  7. the only way for it to be 2 bp vs 0, is that 1 bp left on the team who ended up with 0.
  8. thing is bp got so nerfed already that 90% of the bp players are the with clan/party, so most of the solo players wont ever play this class since they cant use it to farm like before.
  9. dont know if prophet count as "healer class", but with battle heal you will do better healing.
  10. i think hybrid is a mix of elo/gear/number (mb im wrong)
  11. can something that's useless, be more than useless?
  12. who care about glad/tyr, they both are useless class on other map than fort anyway.
  13. Advol

    Expand Rank System

    Make the ranking up slower, i dont see any reason to keep grinding rank after lvl 70(no more expert book), this is pvp server, not farming server. Do something like 1->60 you keep the current system and then for the last 10 ranking lvl you change it, with some other/custom quest system to finish and get to 70.
  14. Advol

    Balance Epic System.

  15. Advol

    Balance Epic System.

    balance for epic is fine like it. https://gyazo.com/37e9278404f6d22fc8da4bd828053152 Dont change anything to the current balance, its perfectly fine @Emerald