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  1. Most of them are a waste of time, especially the hearts one.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2CU-tu-h8k
  3. That idea was shot down by Emerald immediately along with the old GvE territory/castle capture system.
  4. Or just lock up S grade & boss jewels from shops for 2 weeks.
  5. I bet 5 $ that one of these shops is PrayForMercy's . No reason to defend them so vigorously. It's clear as day that these people want to take advantage of new players.
  6. So selling items that are sold for free in shop for 10k adena is not a scam ?
  7. While we're at it, why do aoe heals bypass the anti heal toggle skill?
  8. Balistical

    EXP zone

    Not enter during double xp hour ? Do you even read what you type? THAT's the whole point of the double exp.
  9. Balistical

    EXP zone

    When will you disable pvp in the pve zone ? It's getting ridiculous. How can you level up when S grader zerg groups roam there kill anything they see? The exp rate is bad enough ( at lvl 79 with double exp on I get 0.04 %) Either disable pvp or remove that ridiculous 5 minute penalty on dying (atleast for pvp)
  10. I am! I thought! What are you spending money for? I'm throwing away everything! May I give you more reductions! Is n’t it funny? Most of the time! What is money? It's the next most important thing after life! Do you understand? Please accept my opinion! To be honest, I've come to Tosaka! This is frustrating at work! I'll do this game to relieve stress! Is it more stressful? Wow! Google translate ftw
  11. Fake Death should cancel targets when used but here it's a useless skill
  12. Go to the Games Manager ( the one with the casino stuff) and ontop of the chat window he will say he's hungry af and wants the apple.
  13. God damn the nostalgia hit hard on this one...