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  1. ‘ Delete Bishops Fo’ Life ‘ ))).
  2. It's supposed to have more range than a mage on snipe lo0l ?
  3. +1 and P.S For Canou there will always be people that moans about classes and stupid , or bad or evil people that didn't yet realize what life means so they can't know what l2 means. xD NoWorries and Keep Going people. "NeverGiveUp" ))).
  4. there'\s no point to play that class in a pvp server anyways :-j
  5. no problems in killing any1
  6. Well That's 1 of the cases , but even if you go out of the lake , u can't really step back to the entrance it gets stucked pretty much at the edges of it even when u get out of there. I mean sometimes it shows that you walking towards to the rb if you move but it throws it and you back where u first started walking , or it doesn't move at all. When u trying to use arrows to move, same, it stays stucked.
  7. The Tiger Zone where the rb lives is all fked up all bugged , u can't walk propah' on the ground and u can't hit if u are not a range. It Always gets stucked or it drops you to another end of the ground .
  8. Zirconium


    why can't we all be just friends ? ))).
  9. well yea i would , if i could actually log in now , i can't even get to the character screen xD
  10. * Reduced magic critical rate by 75%.* Reduced magic critical damage by 25%.
  11. 'm trying to login but when after i get in it keeps me disconnecting all the Time. Actually i join disconnected already and nothing shows up.
  12. Zirconium


    we'll i'm glad that y'all are excited now but u never listen when some1 speak the truth to you about Lineage. I Hope U'll wake up and realize what we all out here about and stop quiting and stay unite as u did in good Ole Dayz. It's your server . If you'lld abandon yourself the way u abandon your servers i think u'lld think about it twice ^^".
  13. well u didn't do smthg right , add it to exception on antivirus settings , or turn off the av . It works. Check your hosts in system32 etc drivers