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  1. -1 U make a message shop against the fucktards that open shops with messages like; ‘bb ovc, see you next , season finish , leave , server dead , etc.’ and u get banned for supporting ovc . Well atta’ buoys who the fk comes back ever . ))). You dont ban people that support your server , especially a Crimson Noble , especially the leader of Crimson Noble ))). Inhabited .
  2. delete bishops for life .
  3. there's no , unbalaNCE , mages , fighters archers they can all have resists especially now . with all the features . They just don't choose it . Most of the players choose offense skills usually rather than defence . Which is wrong. obv. Esp on a serv where u get hit by a dozen of ppl at once.
  4. banned account for what ? Pro OVC? aaaight,
  5. we need to do smthg about this , everything is good and y'all still leaving it was made so simple for y'all and u still duin this sh1t . Fokin' c u n t s . Killing the greatest serv
  6. On The Big Blunts Section There Is No Option In Which U can take a skin wearing a staff i mean the valakas etc 8 k skins, can we add an option for that 2 ? im using a staff and it has no options
  7. random dagger runs towards you and oress f1 and kills ya cause your frkin newb , that's why . It's not about the daggers . Fuk Daggers they're fresh meat.
  8. huh u REAlly still do it the same way . When can i come back to play please ? ))). I want a Good Season.
  9. and oh , n0 Lif3rs ofc can't get longer than a week ))). that's all they can do , how much can they play and not sleep ? ))))))))) few days they're done. Still it's the "envy" around here as i think or i see , which makes dem' wanna leave. This or that has that i can't beat'im up , that or the other ain't idk what , If you the best in The Game you don't have to give a F about who or what any1 has or hasn't. You just be the best even with +0 sh1t. Keep in mind.
  10. )))))))fokin' idiots . u don't know how to maintaaaain. Not even a fokin; Gaaame ^^', Keep your chars Logged at least. Show us u don't really wanna piss on your own server . If u still wanna be out of 1 of the best communities arround. IF not ,fock off , don't just come with your clans , fuk up every1's game than just leave off just like that. Ain't That? ^^'
  11. Zirconium


    wha'd u mean the only 1 what Am I ?:@ ))))))))
  12. he needs a partner for discoooo ))))))))
  13. Zirconium


    What is the best class to start on this version of lineage please ? What u recomm . ? Mages / Assasins / Fighters / Tanks / Kamaels ?
  14. delete bishops , ovc was duin' fine when there were no bishops on . And when weekly progressive gameplay was on. Since all these changed lifespawn of the server dropped considerably keepin' it always on just for a week . That's all u get. U wait 3 months to play 1 week ... well.....that ain't a tang