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  1. Hello! To be honnest, i test with and without the jewels.. Screen talk about... ( Baium Level 1 And Dragon Ring Level 1 )
  2. I make a topic here cuz i think its bug or something.. I Have 126 Accuraccy. ( Dance of Insiparation + Guidance ) And i do miss on Light armors 4/10 and on robes too. Ghost sentinel w.o that buff do zero misses.
  3. what u are talking about? Photo just now.
  4. Dude , i know. At shops didnt tell me use thats the problem. I use Dragonic.
  5. yesterday at night i buy Apela Light Skin. I woke up today , and i was without the skin. At Donation manager it writes me still Buy not use. Can you check what happend? Best regards.
  6. True, most of ppl wants IL season soon. cuz of carantine. We waste ur free time at really bad servers..
  7. And 1 S Arcana mace Acumen +16.