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  1. BOG

    The future of Dynasty

    without the +6 they wont kill nobody and insta-emo quit, a good solution is to increase even more the gear penalty, about epics, they were added for mantras to avoid having epics in first hours, ppl could trade adena to eachother and make a nub full epics and that nub could farm for every1 after so making epics buyable with adenu again wont happen 😄
  2. BOG

    The future of Dynasty

    i suggested in the past to make epics spawn faster and make them drop the jewels 100% and to not be buyable with adena(wasnt mantra option) but ppl said they wont wait 1 month to get full epics. about shyeed bow's attack speed,emeraldu suggested to change it from very slow to slow cause in the 1st days were many QQs cause archers couldn't kill nothing cause of the attack speed,many were like "wtf a mage hitting me 3-4 times while i hit only once...bb i emo quit gl with the mage servidor" about mantras dropping more and more was intended to help newcomers, if a nub had full epics he could sell it on market cheap to help those who just joined
  3. sadly ppl love fast farm nowadays and enchanting, i didn't suggest to lower the enchant rate cause i thought it's gonna be too much for the majority, i suggested to lower the enchant rate in the past and ppl didn't like it, they just love 1 week servidor all the time
  4. my thoughts about this and suggestions 😁 adenu increasing & decreasing prices helps both, old & new nubz and destroying the market+lifespan of servidor suggestions : 1) dont increase adenu overtime but decrease prices on half after 1 week ONLY for weapons,armors,jewels, / mats,parts,recs,SA cry,tattoo & increase even more the penalty gear to replace the adena increasing overtime * this way is helping ONLY the new nubz and not speed up the end game gears. Cutting in half enchants and LS leading to star-wars servidor,end game itens wich makes everyone emo quit especially new nubz cause they cant do any dmg to farm and when they see those flashlights on streams obviously they think twice b4 starting. For example I can feel the difference on small maps where I used 2 play elfie archer, used to hit and run cause of deficiency of range but now I have no time 2 run cause i get smashed b4 i hide (too much dmg from Star-Wars Jedies) 2) add +6 weapons,armors,jewels untradable (maybe not for only 3 days but forever) for new nubz after 1 week to replace the current newbie system this way they have a chance to farm and motivate them to start (we all know nubz in l2 don't usually start on an old servidor but if they have a good support they will) * I created a SPS to test how a new nub can farm and its very hard, played safely in a mini VIP-TVT and i was doing around 200-300 max dmg on normal hits and 600-700 on m.crits on smelly mages like Alita, about archers i don't even talk...couldnt even hit them more than 1-2 times b4 i got blasted cause they got more range but with sets +6 i would make them emo quit already 😇 3) remove the requirements to get mantras on epics cause even old players can't do enought dmg sometimes to get the reward imagine new nubz (many QQs everytime in game after every epic, now you can reply here) * the current reward is awesome tho if you lose more epics you get more reward (but again if you don't do the requirements you get nada) 4) increase HP for AQ,Zaken or make them spawn after the fight like Sailren,Baiun,Tezza etc. to avoid PVE masters 5) rework the corners where we get stucked , i feel like i play a fat orc errytime This is what i had in mind for now, created a topic so moar nubz can REPLY and say if they agree or not and and stop QQing in game cause nobody will hear them there, all they do is QQ in game emo quit or come to twitch chat and QQ there too. I speak from facts and in the name of those who had complaints but never started a topic or talk on discord. As for the newcomers I don't expect them 2 reply cause they won't bother,they just check the servidor on strim,they ask how old is the servidor,they join or not, if they join and can't farm they just emo quit and look for another1,and i'm ded serious about adding sets +6 cause when they ask how old is the servidor i can tell them that they can start cause they have good halp. Those who started when i recommended them , after 1-2 days started to pm me or come back to twitch 2 ask me for adenu 2 help them.
  5. BOG


    cause it decreases -2 con not gives +2 con and when you remove a part it gives you back the +2 con
  6. or add another zone for nubz lvl 78 or 79 max and let the current one for the rest 79+
  7. nobody play to win the map cause killing nubz is better god motivation buff should be given considering the kills only and not the objective in my oppinion, so the team who got less kills should have it
  8. they would make +16 armors and weapons ez , if want 2 help them more then make them not shadows but still untradable, add +6 itens in shop to be bought with cupons only that are in inventory of a new char when is created but make sure are many so they can buy whatever they want for all their subclasses
  9. many normal servidors adding to newcomers bonuses such sets ng,rune exp,etc after 1 week of live i think would be gucci for new nubz to start with armors,jewels,weapons +6 as shadows not tradable for 3 days so they can catch up faster and not emo quit after they get 5k dmg 🙃
  10. this video i had in plan to cut the scenes where Mojo and Emerald fight for the ring but imagine how much it could take
  11. Eh I wanted to make it more cool putting Smeagol (as Mojo name) when was angry on a part of a song and at the end Smeagol (as Emerald name) jumping of joy at the edge of the bridge when he took the ring from Frodo (as Mojo name) but I was too tired, i knew it would take at least 2-3 more days. Started from Friday and finished Monday at 6 AM i spent sunday whole day, took a break in evening and then continued the whole night till 6 AM just to finish it cause from today i started the work and i have no more time. The thing is, everytime i reopened the last saved project it was faked up,because of the video effects the sync was faked up and all the scenes were 1second behind ( not on beat anymore) so errytime i reopened it i had to bring all the scenes back with 1sec, this kind of video is good to finish it in 1 day not to reopen all the time cause its even more work to do . And wanted to put also 1 more beat of 1min but aborted the mission 🤣 never again this kind of videos for me ! they look cool but its 2 hard 2 make it cause of 2 many cuts. A normal pvp video is simple, just fade, in fade out few scenes and thats it 30min of work max 🙂
  12. i think u can buy for free the blunt