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  1. gucci suggestion,more balance between players
  2. u right, its working only with C grades, i tried with B and A and not working
  3. press this each nub must learn his own clan skills, u dont need to lvl up clan, 0 is enought, lvl up clan only if u need slots
  4. BOG

    Shinning Bow

    i think its already but as a skin
  5. if u watch ur own strim there is ur 1 viewer nub
  6. if u are 10 u need to create ur own clan 😄
  7. i think its high, and over+10 weps are hell for newcomers, we are just blasting them. from 104 ews i made 1 bow +11 and another +13
  8. i asked him in discord but no answer yet. afker4life told u in game 3% passive, 5% active. LF confirm @Emerald
  9. these suggestions were made in the past and discussed, ppl like to feel the progress not to be equal for 1 week with errybody I would make enchant rate 60% instead of 66% cause its too ez to enchant,especially now when we can trade enchants in shop 3 for 1 so more S grade ones for us. For new comers is impossibol to kill old nubz with over +10 weapons but with 60% enchant rate who will have +10 will be king 😄 and also the feeling for progression will be even better.
  10. from Features: * Summons will get damage bonus according to owner's gear.
  11. voted for A grade at start for newbies, i would vote B grade only if after a week new chars created will receive in their inventory A grade
  12. good idea, indeed the cave influenced the gameplay but now like this erryone is equal. now... i cant see the vote with the date of reopening interluda, where is it ????? we want to vote !🙃
  13. without the +6 they wont kill nobody and insta-emo quit, a good solution is to increase even more the gear penalty, about epics, they were added for mantras to avoid having epics in first hours, ppl could trade adena to eachother and make a nub full epics and that nub could farm for every1 after so making epics buyable with adenu again wont happen 😄