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  1. this video i had in plan to cut the scenes where Mojo and Emerald fight for the ring but imagine how much it could take
  2. Eh I wanted to make it more cool putting Smeagol (as Mojo name) when was angry on a part of a song and at the end Smeagol (as Emerald name) jumping of joy at the edge of the bridge when he took the ring from Frodo (as Mojo name) but I was too tired, i knew it would take at least 2-3 more days. Started from Friday and finished Monday at 6 AM i spent sunday whole day, took a break in evening and then continued the whole night till 6 AM just to finish it cause from today i started the work and i have no more time. The thing is, everytime i reopened the last saved project it was faked up,because of the video effects the sync was faked up and all the scenes were 1second behind ( not on beat anymore) so errytime i reopened it i had to bring all the scenes back with 1sec, this kind of video is good to finish it in 1 day not to reopen all the time cause its even more work to do . And wanted to put also 1 more beat of 1min but aborted the mission 🤣 never again this kind of videos for me ! they look cool but its 2 hard 2 make it cause of 2 many cuts. A normal pvp video is simple, just fade, in fade out few scenes and thats it 30min of work max 🙂
  3. i think u can buy for free the blunt
  4. xaxa this was a good one
  5. any1 can share a patch for h5 with dmg on screen plx ?
  6. BOG


    I feel ur pain https://clips.twitch.tv/FurryStylishPistachioHoneyBadger but failing x2 for +16 hurts 🤪
  7. passive cause replacing 1 buff for 5% dont worth in my oppinion
  8. all augments are nerfed, i guess passives are 2% and actives 5% thats why you dont see the difference 😄
  9. you might not believe but i hate range maps, i suggested this just to stop the spawn killings not for my benefits, this would be more fair for all , i also told to emeraldu to create more small maps because 90% are only range and this is a huge factor why are mostly archers
  10. to avoid camp kills i suggest to block the ways to go to another side's spawn and force all to fight in the middle only
  11. Im against full parties with healers too cause they make randoms emo quit but helping them to lvl up isnt a big deal. If they want to farm only in farm area they would make alt mages cause they can farm only 1h/day with 1 char. And since we talk about farming there would be also good to make 1h/day based on hwid or ip so ppl cannot make alts to farm there or just remove the drops and keep only xp and like this bb bots. Look at this season only 1 clan is with healer on greens and the servidor is still alive with good onlinu in evenings after 2 weeks
  12. some nubz asked me to lvl their asses cause they cant alone so I suggest to make the mobs unded or add another ones wich are unded so I can get rid of leechers 😄 I had enought on low rate servidors