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  1. block doesnt solve issue. it hides it. Also where is my deadmanglory blunt?
  2. new start same problems. ;/
  3. healers will be always OP. just get good duo/trio for pwnage...
  4. payload = tanks (bd/sws can be option too) to get loot. ctf = th > sws/paladin > all everything else depends on map layout. it either mage/archer or duelist simulator.
  5. best class to get most gold probably is duelist/tyrant. with their ago you get a lot of tags so naturally you get a lot of loot. anyway. you should focus on enjoying game not to search for "Best class". there is no such thing. myself i will play paladin from start.
  6. the should be no factions at all. factions are only good in the beginning, but after 2-3 weeks faction unbalance kicks in. After with time it gets worse and worse.
  7. its 1 handed blunt. there is already 2 handed blunt star buster which has rsk focus. +8 star buster has same dps as HD+focus. But no one used but me back when I played in march. Downside of blunt is that it has really low base crit, so you literally depend on that 1 crit hit. And with blunt even if you have ~240 crit, it is hard to land one many time because you dead in seconds by mage nukes. I used that blunt literally to hunt those donator necros with 3 supports around him since the only way kill him is 1 shot. It is simply AOBA with different skin.
  8. Can you add Deadman's Glory blunt with haste/rsk.focus SA? In previous season back when I played tank I missed of this blunt in shop. AOBA looks terrible and when you play Paladin blunt with rsk.focus is needed for burst builds. Many pvp server has this weapon with rsk.focus SA (just like AOBA) even tho officially it doesn't. So if possible can emerald add it?
  9. Butu gerai tureti lt grupe kazkokia o ne issimetyt po viena skirtinguose klanuose/pusese.
  10. mister, pmfun is ~interlude. if you think that you see gracia content there then you are idiot. Apart from some skills, all database in pmfun is still extremely close to interlude. Also if you check other sites, they give same values. anyway augments, all of them needs nerf. just chance augments should get buff actually. they are not. besides few skills everything else is around interlude. this is why we use l2j.ru for gracia+ content.
  11. i guess up. since i see no reaction from anyone with proof how cancel is bugged...
  12. https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/augment You should be ashamed. Even cave man reads better than you 3249 Item Skill: Focus 10 +20% Crit rate 3250 Item Skill: Wild Magic 10 +4 Magic Crit rate 3241 Item Skill: Empower 10 +55 mAtk Where do you see 1k matk bonus from fking augment? I see only bonus 55.
  13. this voting is fuked up. question was changed, but we can't now edit our vote. for exmaple i believe barrier is fine but cancel need to be fixed first of all, so i cant change vote.
  14. active and pasive WM augments were not giving huge % bonuses. Many c6 servers had always bugged augments where WM/CRitical pasive skills were giving like much more bonus stats than they supposed to get. For example max crit chance from augment is ~40-44, but you must get is not from pasive skill, but instead from double crit bonuses x2 +20/22 crit stats pure. So current WM augments are not bugged at all and surprisingly working as intended. How ever active/pasive m.atk augment gives like 1k M.atk pure which doesn't sound right.