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  1. i'm very angry and unhappy because without doing anything you threw me out of the game I work 10 hours a day and my relaxation 4 hours is your game. and you threw me out
  2. sent me screenshot that shows greeneyes play with bot It was a big mistake what you did to me and I am very reluctant to do so I didn't ask for anything I just asked you to let me play .. and my answer never came back to me
  3. man i play lineage from c1... i speak with administrator i am cleaning player my wife dont know how use pm...help only for farm i am bathing this time i am leaving from server admin no understand me i sent 100 messenger to facebook and no replay to me.... I say sorry no try again and no speak me back... I dont know what have with me...I am cleaning player and i say give me back my password and unbanme AND ADMIN NO UNDERSTAND ME.... NOW LESSON PLAY LINEAGE MY WIFE....I AM CLEANING WHAT YOU WANT from me I PLAY 2 years every sesson interlude here I donate every time for stay server allive and now give me banned for no resson.... i respect rules my manners is very good NO ONE HAVE PROBLEM WITH ME ALL OLD PLAYER LOVE ME AND RESPECT ME... i speak with admin and say give me one opportunity and no replay me...I DONT KNOW WHY!!! i want unban me all my friend's play here...I am very angry do you know why??WHY you give me banned for nothing
  4. I am playing Server last 2 years every interlude sesson today i farm xp...and admin give me banned for resson boting.. i am cleaning play every sesson my manners is respect I say you my wife play for 1 hour in farm zone know only target and press f1 f2... i dont know what you have with me.... GreenEyes name... i speak you in facebook and no sent my back... Thanks you man for every sesson good luck m8
  5. See you in game active bishop Do you have discort or teamspeak?
  6. Nice balance..FIX EVENT .... 2 chaos vs 12 player??? Look Photo... http://i65.tinypic.com/2vx2hpc.jpg