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  1. I could give a shit about class balance issues or "just go play X!" My main is actually a DA, and I stopped playing it because of how difficult it was to enter the events. What often happens is one team is overbalanced, but the other has too many tanks. The result is I just gave up on my tank. I do not have any incisive suggestions for how to fix it, but I am curious about how the tank limit itself does work. Is it 1:1, or X tanks allowed per Y other classes?
  2. is it possible to always use that center antechamber as a center point? Stage 1 -the antechamber and only two rooms directly above and below (and connecting hallways) Stage 2 -add the big ramp and bridge rooms and the 4 wide smalls to the north and south stage 3 - Add the 3 wide smalls to the far north and south. If not what you have done should be fine, I just worry about lopsidedness.
  3. I have always loved SoDA as a map for a number of different games. The map doesn't do it justice though, it's flippin huge and I would say splitting it into sections would be best.
  4. I still think gear should explode
  5. I summarily and categorically deny your argument on its claims and merits. You are twisting your opinion of player satisfaction into a fact pattern that you incorrectly correlate to "trends in the gaming community". You do however make some very valid points: I do agree the current donation system is a little off, and emerald has mentioned some ideas to tweak it in a similar manner to what you are proposing. I haven't seen anyone suggest we simply make things harder for the sake of being difficult. Rather a few things have already been made easier for various reasons and many of us are suggesting a return to the "simpler and more straight-forward" system you seem to advocate for as well. This is very much of our interest, but instead of assuming they just hop because that's what people do these days, I would posit rather that they cannot find a place that provides a consistent challenge with a dynamic competitor. Basically, I say people/groups server hop because they either CANT compete, or CANT find competition. It is the GRIND TO THE TOP that people love, not being number one. Being a glowy ball of doom loses its fun if no one can unseat you, but if there is a constant threat of losing your glowy awesomeness it can keep the desire to retain your position. Conversely, if the system favors those who gained an early edge it becomes quickly apparent that reaching equal footing isn't possible, and people leave.
  6. Turn off your PM's. Anyone who can only state a want privately and not open to discussion like we are doing here does not deserve consideration. Perhaps we should stop having seasons and tell people to suck it up and go fight, because there will never be a restart (within reason).
  7. If people think the number of top geared players on the server, and the rate at which those players start to appear is too high; increasing the Adena available to anyone by any means will not help at all. This will lead to the server ending with everyone having +16 something and we're all wearing dynasty. It also will lead to a higher rate of dissatisfaction and attrition amongst veterans. The amount of money they can blow on toy enchanting just gets higher and higher, and eventually, they will get bored. If you want less +16's then gear needs to explode, enchants need to cost Adena, and Adena needs to be moderate (like it is right now). I don't see why ANYTHING has to change in the middle of a season, for any reason.
  8. A well thought out system. I say "no". These "progressive" gameplay systems pander to the whiny and spineless. L2 has always been about the grind, and only one person is ever on top. That is how it is supposed to be, and I think the vast majority of people who play know and expect this. Even a few here have mentioned that they may not be able to play often, and will likely get left behind, and they are ok with that. Further, if your messing with enchant rates to bring down the ease of enchanting gear it may not matter. With enchants based mostly on luck, that latecomer new player may not get a +16 even with 5x the adena. I say we take small, incremental steps and avoid making sweeping changes lest we lose the wheat with the chaff.
  9. What about temporary epics? Make them quite expensive, but not absurdly so and then have them last say 6 hours of in-game time (arbitrary number). Or perhaps a small instance dungeon that can be done with a single party to kill epic bosses (or cheap imitations). That way players still have a chance at putting together an "epic raid group" even if they don't usually join a clan *cough* (me). I think what should and shouldn't be donated for is a discussion better suited for another topic, but I highly support @Emerald's mention of a "subscriber" or some such benefit. That's not to say I don't agree with allowing Adena for donation, but rather it should be on "Adena sink" items like common gear and scrolls to explode them with. If epics can explode, then honestly I'm ok with them being purchasable. Again, a debate for another thread.
  10. I think I'm just misunderstanding what you mean here. Are you saying that going forward there will ONLY be blessed enchants at all? And things still also won't explode upon failure? I would advocate for an almost completely stock enchant system, normal and blessed scrolls being available. Blessed scrolls would cost a fortune compared to standard ones because they would prevent explosions, but they would reduce to zero. This should dramatically reduce the occurrence of highly enchanted gear, especially when coupled with your currency change to make them Adena only. It would make +16's a near impossibility without spending a literal fortune, and playing out the whole damn season to earn it (especially if you stick with the no donating for adena thing, which I also support).
  11. That's exactly how it was until now, did it make people happy or stay anylonger? no. And people want less enchanted stuff on the server, so that's one of the ways to do it. But it also used a modified currency system that is being changed, and a different set of gear tiers that are being changed. Maybe the way it was will be just fine once the currency system is changed since it will have a dramatic impact on the rate at which enchants are acquired. Also, I'm advocating for things to explode over the retail safe enchant limit. If you don't want your shit to explode but blessed, at 5x the cost; I don't think that's the way it works now, is it?
  12. @Canou Don't encourage him!
  13. I like everything but this, why not offer both enchants? If someone REALLY doesn't wanna lose that top tier item then charge them 5x as much.
  14. @Emerald I already mentioned once in this thread that no one really loves S grade gear for any class more than any other option, and no one spoke up to disagree with me. But let's split this into two problems again: 1) Gear Tiers Available It seems the working balance is three tiers, meaning no matter what Grade is available it has to be within a set of three. I, however, don't agree that all three tiers must be purchased through. I would contend rather that both the first and second tiers are free. this way no brand new player is ever forced to fight someone two tiers over him. So if it were C/B/A, B grade would immediately be free. If someone really likes a C grade bonus (Plated Leather) then they can CHOOSE to suck the hit for being two tiers below top gear. I don't think that enchant rates need to modified or capped to balance them but it would be easy to do it. The exact same should apply to A/S/Dynasty if that's what is chosen (). Fighting against someone who has +16 of the next tier over you is annoying, but an A grader facing +16 dynasty is just pointless. BUT, limiting the amount dynasty can be enchanted shouldn't be the solution either. Make the lowest tier enchants dirt cheap, so you could, in theory, get +16 A grade without undue difficulty. Then someone who really loves the set (or who is just a cheap ass) has a chance at being competitive against someone who has the highest tier gear. 2) Gear Tiers Used I've already said my piece about why I choose C/B/A, but if we can at least agree that three tiers are the goal then why not put it to a poll? C/B/A B/A/S A/S/Dynasty NG/D/C (you know it would be fun)
  15. Purely personal opinion here, but please don't do that. Every set past S is lazier than S was in terms of design and variety. Dynasty and Icarus gear are the first two major offenders. The attribute stone system destroyed the already fragile and imperfect elemental balance this game had. Edit: I actually don't mind the Kamael race though