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  1. Here is my side of the story: First of all, the case that everyone in order has this particular agenda that they are ABUSING this sysstem is completely fake, you look at most maps where god motivation has been with order for more than 75% of the duration, and the top kill list is still mostly even split or even some situations where CHAOS has more members in top kills list. Just not true. Has nothing to do with people on Order purposefully playing against the objective to get the buff, it's purely the fact that, just how Chaos wins most epics (AND MOST EVENTS actually) - lets compare event wins with how many reds are in top pvp list in general. (Attached pictures at the bottom of my post) My count is = 6 = Order, 14 = Chaos = So if Orders are perma abusing this buff why aren't we naturally making more kills every day? BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE. Next point Let's not forget that literally 2 days ago in every battlefield map I could see you spamming chat telling Chaos faction to stop hitting the flags/tents SO THAT YOU WOULD LOSE THE BUFF and give it to orders - isn't this exactly the very thing you accused Orders of doing? = Playing AGAINST the objectives of the map? Boy I wish i had screenshots of seeing your whole clan spamming your faction to stop hitting those flags 🙂 Next point This buff really isn't useless, its helpful and I have seen it in many cases helping the losing faction (be it mine or the opposing team) not get absolutely dominated and spawn killed, which is the very thing that puts you off playing any minute longer. ^ Here I see a perfectly balanced map, where chaos took the lead in the last 4/5 mintues as it vas very close before RB spawned, and as you can see there is a really even split among stats - surely if orders were abusing this, it would be a greater majority of orders having more kills than chaos members? As you can see, this isn't true, has no correlation whatsoever, and its balanced 50/50. I think people are so quick to complain about removing things where sometimes they're actually fine and you just get into that mood of crying cause you have nothing better to do. I have made my points, I think it's best we let Emerald decide what is best 🙂
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    this kid is so mad LMAO
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    detro go order let me put u in the dumpster tomorrow fat boy
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    You understand the simple concept that SLH is a support class, and therefore you play in a CP/Clan that also acknowledges this simple concept, and therefore they will help you gear up 🙂 Simple 🙂 That's like crying u are bishop/se/domi or literally any other support class and you are playing solo, but complaining you can't get end game gear Check me this season on sorc bro don't worry I gotchu
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    if u complain about slh u are just trash and not good enough to play it lf Setence to explain aka best slh ovc
  6. finally. true 50/50 disparity. thank you. i wish chaos didnt have to reap the benefits of being fortunate for 1 week straight, though.
  7. the way i see it elo has been used as the main balancing factor in an attempt to balance both sides; making up for the huge discrepancy in count and gear - does it not work like that?
  8. unlucky once again using elo as the balancing factor very unfortunate
  9. np guys they have 20 more ppl and better gear but elo is 50 so its balanced!
  10. again, ELO being the determining factor instead of count and gear
  11. the main balancing factors needs to stop being "elo".. how can it be considered equal when they are more in numbers, and more in gear?
  12. salty because i have more kills assists time played sprees streaks than u ? now u want others to be punished for playing more / being better? kala ok
  13. the boys are playing midrates i think
  14. those times have past unfortunately
  15. @elxdark cause im alone this season bro
  16. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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    cause i didnt have a photo of the rest, but im sure it was the same on all stats that season
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    wtb DrugAddicts again, golden age, only competition vs sLcO, FACTS
  19. yes that would be a great idea if its something you'd genuinely feel like dedicating your time towards
  20. welcome to ovc im sorry @nightradio
  21. u were the one who commented abt me first btw, i never said anything just looks like u got nothing else to say