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  1. Silence

    balance on epics

    If order would have 3 parties like Retail playing, there wouldn't be anything to balance out, order is less tryhard than chaos, loosers always go red for easy zerg since mantra system was implemented, then they switch to farm on high rank chaos players over and over. People don't play here for pvp, they play for easy farm THEN pvp.
  2. 2-3 max sets out of 11 Dynasty sets Class are worth making, others are complete garbage and except P.Def dont bring any beneficial bonuses compared to A-S, i believe making the armor Enchant Rate a bit higher was more than enough to balance the S grade end-game thing. Draconic Bow P.atk compared to Dynasty is a huge gap if u compare AM Mace with Dynasty Mace and Staff, so we really look up to this dynasty thing getting out of Interlude ^^ It didn't help at all and also limited the class verstality end-game even more.
  3. I would seriously make a strawpoll if we really do need that Mantra System, i suggested giving the loosing streak penalty just to slightly save the on-going season, overall i believe the previous system was much better regarding Epics. +1 +2 It`s better to remove the entire Mantra System since this season it`s a complete overkill because of the difference between epic wins on one faction and the opposite, we have tested it already for more than 2 seasons i would say it`s enough to say that it is not "newbie" friendly neither market friendly and season life-span cuz of it gets extremely lowered. Next season will be the time to make 5 destro pt for that scenario and abuse it, but i agree as well, this is so annoying that u can drop them in 1min with mages that have no PvE m.crit limit. Exactly, this season is even less melee populated than with old geodata and skill-movement due to that. On top of that i would suggest leaving the whole "Dynasty" idea, that favours mostly Mages and Daggers due to the weapon insane boost. I would rather have starting grades C to S grades if Emerald wants to balance out the end-gear of mages that is Dark Crystal Robe set, amount of people using other sets than Dyna Robe Wizard set is literally close to ~5. This armors and weapons are basically bigger boost to classes like Mage, few Gladiators/GK, Archer for others are complete garbage, Archers go for Dyna Bow + Draconic Armor, good Healers sit on OE DC Robe due to Magic Cancel rate. Would love to see a "Phase" based season again to test if it is the best solution, just like we had something similiar in 2018 one that lasted 8 weeks.
  4. Silence

    new expert skill

    On Interlude you dont have Windstorm, you have another useful buff against archers called Bless Shield + Advanced Blocks, if you give up your Dynasty Staff gameplay you might find your free Windstorm that works also against daggers 🙂
  5. Updating the shops with A grades +6 can help newcomers after 1 week of the server passes, it lowers slightly the gap between Dynasty and A grades which is kinda huge. But why making em untradable or shadow, just let em have it, enchants are all 66% now as far as i know so OE armors is worth more than ever.
  6. Hi, Season so far is prospering really well and is one of the greatest since past few Interlude ones, class verstality is back, there are huge amount of people enjoying they supports/dd/cc roles. What i was suggesting earlier and what i would like to see getting a bit fixed is Mantra System, since i do not really want to rule the entire idea of it (at least for now) how about adding a small fix to this system like Death Penalty we have for e.g What do i mean: For example if a losing side lost past 5-6 epics they are getting more mantra reward based on how big the lossing streak is, you could also add something like Winning Streak for canceling enemy Faction winning streak which would reward the faction with more Mantras like 150% bonus. About loosing streaks i would start using it by adding to the losing faction 10% more mantra reward and scalling up to 70% of Epic worth if they would keep losing so consistently. This way the winning Faction gets lets say 100% for Valakas ( 40k mantra ) and losing side is rewarded after 7 losses in a row with 70% ( 28k mantra). If one faction dominates for too long and won lets say past 7 epics in a row, the weaker faction that managed to comeback gets 50% bonus for that so (60k mantra) for breaking their streak. Another balance factor that should have be counted in Epics is AoE and all classes relevant to it meaning mostly Force Users like Tyrants/Glad and few Mage Types like SpS/Sorceror that have plenty of AoE potential. IF each side had equal number of those, epics would be more consistent and fights more bloody and longer instead of F1 and F2 spam to wipe entire factions.
  7. Silence


    I dont understand your point of SS, you flexing cuz you had AoE setup and you made that score?:D Why not sorting with Kills or something more "skill" relevant tho? I guess there were people that made 40-1 this map or 48-5 like Sporakos 😄 Chaos is like 70% of AoE chars, so its not hard to land that "score" if you jump in the middle of AoE fest.
  8. Silence


    If you want to fix something fix your mentality. I said what i meant. I'm glad tho thats this season you guys seem to win so server wont lose 20 people due to dumb siege or oly's i hope 😄
  9. Silence


    It's kinda hypocrite that some people and clans were crying about balance in past seasons and right now they are quiet cuz they are on the zerg winning side xD Order was always harder side with good quality of players that were making the side even harder because of the ELO.
  10. Lf OvC Rework, the seasons that happened on Summer in 2018-2019 were the best one's we will ever have again, just when the Rebirth got reworked and we got some XP/SP/Adena Scrolls for FA. 2 months season, 8 olympiad periods, constant community between 80-100 instead of investing into newbies and more more casual things, we tested, it didn't pay off, time to invest in veterans that still searching for old-school OvC Seasons. After this period of time, the only thing you can notice is the community downgrading the server, I dont ever care about the SE+BP, SE heal is crap the thing u want from it is just Recharge for SpS and PoWater users for longer run, bring back the class verstality again please and lift the whole Nerf crap. End that loop and just close Forum till season end.
  11. Assist doesnt require strategy, it's one button you press to stack dmg on one target when the main assist calls. Strategy = having proper players, playing proper classes for maximum survivability and kill potential. I see you know nothing about the game itself and you have never attend normal pvp with dd+supports+ tanks and bishops. Bishops cant join 10vs10 maps before so how were they OP healing one target? Your arguments are so invalid that it makes me wonder why u even post and vote for changes without having bigger point of view. Only ME ME, as a solo player, past seasons prove that players like u are 10-20% of event, 70% consists organised/fresh made pt's with friends that meet on OvC.
  12. Seasons are also much shorter due to so much class "versality" but okay, something for something i guess, glad that you and maybe other 3 people are happy with it 😄 Hopefully you will enjoy Not-Lineage 2 like java copy that killed already 70% of game mechanics already. Keep the nerfing process guys, new loop soon(?).
  13. You have less healers already, there's Bishop Cap since 6 seasons, also for Tanks. Mass PvP without supports doesnt exist, no matter if it's lowrate/midrate or highrate x 9999 server. They are important part of the game. Limiting some classes because u struggle to find group or friends in MMORPG is so egoistic and you should indeed reroll to some different game.
  14. I can understand your frustration, but you also need to understand that things here before reach the more good than bad points of balance require time. Right now, community probably made some pressure on Emerald regarding the Bishop on low-online and he made changes. I agree the nerf is way too huge and will probably get fixed soon. There should be no more nerfs/changes till season end, at least i hope for it, we got beta tests to test things like that 🙂
  15. Lift all the nerf and stuff till season is over. Everything is getting overreactive now, can we all please wait for applying new features that aren't game breaking? Even without this nerf archers is able to 2-3 shot a bishop.