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  1. Lf OvC Rework, the seasons that happened on Summer in 2018-2019 were the best one's we will ever have again, just when the Rebirth got reworked and we got some XP/SP/Adena Scrolls for FA. 2 months season, 8 olympiad periods, constant community between 80-100 instead of investing into newbies and more more casual things, we tested, it didn't pay off, time to invest in veterans that still searching for old-school OvC Seasons. After this period of time, the only thing you can notice is the community downgrading the server, I dont ever care about the SE+BP, SE heal is crap the thing u want from it is just Recharge for SpS and PoWater users for longer run, bring back the class verstality again please and lift the whole Nerf crap. End that loop and just close Forum till season end.
  2. Assist doesnt require strategy, it's one button you press to stack dmg on one target when the main assist calls. Strategy = having proper players, playing proper classes for maximum survivability and kill potential. I see you know nothing about the game itself and you have never attend normal pvp with dd+supports+ tanks and bishops. Bishops cant join 10vs10 maps before so how were they OP healing one target? Your arguments are so invalid that it makes me wonder why u even post and vote for changes without having bigger point of view. Only ME ME, as a solo player, past seasons prove that players like u are 10-20% of event, 70% consists organised/fresh made pt's with friends that meet on OvC.
  3. Seasons are also much shorter due to so much class "versality" but okay, something for something i guess, glad that you and maybe other 3 people are happy with it 😄 Hopefully you will enjoy Not-Lineage 2 like java copy that killed already 70% of game mechanics already. Keep the nerfing process guys, new loop soon(?).
  4. You have less healers already, there's Bishop Cap since 6 seasons, also for Tanks. Mass PvP without supports doesnt exist, no matter if it's lowrate/midrate or highrate x 9999 server. They are important part of the game. Limiting some classes because u struggle to find group or friends in MMORPG is so egoistic and you should indeed reroll to some different game.
  5. I can understand your frustration, but you also need to understand that things here before reach the more good than bad points of balance require time. Right now, community probably made some pressure on Emerald regarding the Bishop on low-online and he made changes. I agree the nerf is way too huge and will probably get fixed soon. There should be no more nerfs/changes till season end, at least i hope for it, we got beta tests to test things like that 🙂
  6. Lift all the nerf and stuff till season is over. Everything is getting overreactive now, can we all please wait for applying new features that aren't game breaking? Even without this nerf archers is able to 2-3 shot a bishop.
  7. The thing that annoys people is why do we have an ELO system in an MMORPG Faction game, its not League of Legends thats based on reaction-strategy and proper economy, MMORPG are all about numbers, hitting the best level/gear before any other person and making it useful on PvP. There is maybe 5-10% similiarty in those two things, the balance factor in MMORPG should always be level+gear+rank system, not stuff like 5k Elo player thats worth 3 players on opposite side of event with EQUAL Gear like 3 draconic bows =/= 1 draconic bow ? Because the guy died 1-2 times per map as Hawkeye with Dash? C`mon.
  8. Silence


    Season is over anyway, as easy it was to expect, with the insane speed of progression we have this season it's quite too easy to grab everything, penalties/mantra went too fast in terms of progression. It makes me feel like its already 1-2 month Faction Server with this insane rewards. Also poor class versality as what to expect if u voted for nerfing all fighters and AoE`s possible 😄 Now you have Archers Vs Mages server and you got bored so quickly? Map pool and voting should be changed tho so we wont see 6 long range maps in a row, leaving 0 places for daggers/other close-combat classes to work. There should be like 1 long range map to vote for and next event there should be something close combat. So we wont see 10 times immortal plateu or Elven Forest Escorts. You were worried about newbies with that S grade thing, but the gap between overenchanted Dynasty and S Grades is still bigger than B grade compared with A grade.
  9. 🙂 Anyway, no crits are happening now, so i guess your investigation about the source of massive criticals is done. The thing why are Striders causing FPS-drops and freezes so hard.
  10. www.twitch.tv/videos/719179235 00:30:00 Well i havent seen any mage running at some Faction with such confidence like he did on Strider, he knew it will cause crash to most of Chaos side. If this proof is not enough because a guy that "loves" the server abuses a bug in order to help faction win without consequences then idk, kinda stinks.
  11. Strider should be disabled from the Epic Fights or from game for now. I noticed that since @Mojo is riding that thing before every Epic or during maps people are getting either critical error or freeze. Disable Striders till you fix it, please. @Emerald
  12. Since more and more people are reaching rank (70). How about some little expansion for the whole system? It's really more amazing than having just (10) ranks and keeps some grind/achievement thing in mind for people that play longer than 1 week. I remember OvC used to have (150) ranks in the past so maybe it's time to test if u can keep more veterans if u expand it a bit? Ranking up should require more than 1 raid boss after passing 70lvl to not make it too easy and fast, but the rewards should also be a bit better like LS/BEWS/BEAS for example. I believe it's a healthy experiment because most of veterans will care now about hitting OE weapon or get some useful Lifestone.
  13. Not free, but they should be like A grades in past seasons just for Adena. I dont understand why do we still need materials to make S grades, obviously any player skips them beacuse Dynasty offers much better stats and the only difference in requirement is just a bunch of keys and like 30% more mats to gather. S grades should be buyable for Adena tho since first day, so people might use them instead of skipping for Dynasty.
  14. You have to change Faction or be quick if you are ih party with friends, unfortunately thats how it is, there has to be balance between each Faction to prevent abuse from playing 1 class. People in the past were playing certain classes based on map to make as much income from it as possible. Limit cap is set on Bishops/Tanks/Overlords only. Play what u want and like, most people that encourage you to quit because you play different role like support or BP are mostly the one's that quit after first Siege or Oly, so don't worry about em.
  15. Silence


    Glad to see that, the problem with buying it for FA wasnt the currency, its like Djinn said, the price of each of them was way off the roof. If it would be divided by 8-10 then it wouldnt be a problem to take it. Glad to see some better direction changes of OvC after those years 🙂 One more thing you could add to Achievement system is some kind of choice between FA or Mantra, because i would prefer the second option time to time when i miss like 4-5k before Epic Jewel and the FA currency exchange happens after 1 week of server start.