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  1. I know you can on Gracia FInal (at least that much).
  2. There are some debuffs I couldn't cleanse, but I didn't know if it was right or not.
  3. Claire


    Each armor set must give what it's supposed to give, like it is now. (I would accept reducing penalty on adena income because of armor difference, instead.)
  4. Even if someone can think that S+ grade gears are better, there's still some people that would like to choose some lower grade gear (e.g. C, B, A) because of some passive stats it gives.
  5. I use Body of Avatar as a heal skill, with Improved Condition buff on the target it doesn't have any effect. Having every common buff (as on Interlude OvC) would be nice so you can choose alternative buffs (for different outcomes).
  6. People are like matches, at the start of the season they are lit on fire, then they are rapidly consumed in flames until it fire dissapears, not playing further. Intense but brief.
  7. It happened in every main event. My screenshot would be as BP, so it wouldn't reflect what we seek. That bug is really easy to reproduce if you want to test it: BP + OL + others in party and spam those heals.
  8. The following heal skills, when in the same party with another support: Major Group Heal Greater Group Heal Body of Avatar Balance Life happen to work on them randomly. Most times they won't heal supports, sometimes they will. On previous seasons those heal skills worked on supports, as of today, it seems they shouldn't. It's not related to any specific event. I hope a video is not needed.
  9. Before BP's could only heal with mass heals to other supports. This was changed, now it doesn't work, but sometimes they have effect as before. Is it a bug?
  10. Claire


    I only play BP, Tank, Dagger, WL, for those at least I don't mind Cancel. It's OP but I usually survive so it's not a big deal.
  11. You wouldn't receive then which would be the best heal skill from Bishops.
  12. Some debuffs being completely useless is absurd. There are powerful skills like cancel or some stuns that lands everytime, and there are many other like lightning spark (anchor) from SK that never lands. I think that whoever designed land rates should have at least set a minimum cap of 20% chance to every debuff.
  13. Claire


    Dagger has to move more and reach targets though.
  14. Claire


    So many people that believes that L2 is only meant for mages/archers. If dagger is OP make a subclass of it.
  15. Warlord should be a priority target as it gets easily in range so you can kill him from a safe spot. Many people prefer not to hit him though, that's why I made it my job. People on this server should think a bit more about strategy instead of playing plain simple.