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  1. Addicted


    @Emeraldty that is enought
  2. Addicted


    @Soulka ok i will buy fa from players but you need to donate minimum 19 euro to exchange fa for mantras
  3. Addicted


    Hi @Emerald so if i want valakas i need to be on every bauim,valakas,antharas bosses for 4 or more weeks to get mantras,and donators can get it it after 1 week.pls think this again and let this mantras be tradable and soldable
  4. Hi,i have question why i cant change weapon with kamael skill?
  5. @Emerald hi again dont get stream buff.am i doing something wrong?
  6. hi @Emerald i stream from the start of the stream buff and i got the buff,from yesterday i stream but i cant get the buff. i configured everything as described in game NPC and i dont get it .why?and i dont thing i am the only one !
  7. hi i am lvl 80,rank 6 and i must have 8 expert skills,but i have 7expert books,2 expert skills lvl3 and 1 skill lvl1.am i wrong or what?
  8. ty.it is working now and it is so cool
  9. i mean what client do you use?
  10. Mojo what interface do tou use,and from where i can get it?
  11. Addicted


    If mages dont have cansel they will be dead meat,let them cansel.it’s work like supos to do(sry for my english)