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  1. Again, we are having a situation that leads to misuse of rewards. As any other government of course there is corruption but the goal is to try to make it harder for cases like this to happen. Which translate to players milking other players. Indeed admins have the power to fix this issue by just simply removing direct stats improvement by receiving clan skills. Just make a clan for fun and as a reward conquer castles with your buddies and buy items at better prices. So again we are recruiting for fun and not having a situation where people pay to clan leaders for skills (The total opposite of what a clan should be used/created for). It might not happen in your clan but you do know that it is something going on and as a high power admins should eventually look deeper in the issue. If not again we are not playing on a fair and healthy environment.
  2. That is one of the reasons that I also wanted to make this post. Several clans contacted before joining this mentioned clan, also requested a daily tax or even a intro tax excusing themselves about the costs of building a clan. Again this corruption only exists because people is looking for those extra skills that allow for stat improvement. I believe that this should not be a reward that regular player have the power to manage, because at the end everyone is forced to join or create a clan, but see in your case creating one costed you time and effort and I bet that you were mostly looking for the skills improvement rather than having a clan for hanging out with mates when you even couldn't afford it. For a healthy environment this should be changed and rewards like conquering a castle with better priced stores should be enough for people to do a normal recruitment and avoid an extortion that is going on right now in the server, unless admins here allow it I believe this is against fair game rules.
  3. Dear community of L2ovc, A brief intro about myself, this is actually my first season here and have to say that me and my brother (Queipo) have had lots of fun since the day we joined. Now going to the issue. I wanted to share on this post an experience I had a couples of days ago. Using this opportunity to make you aware of a scam that can be done massively on this server. A couple of days ago my brother and I decided to start looking for a clan. This idea came from the fact that belonging to a clan provides a set of skills that improve char. After talking with several clan members around we found a clan that suited more our style (Spanish speaker leader, around same level of improvement, full clan skills, etc). The clan name is Mein and his leader goes by the char name mDMA, afrodite, adrenaline. Everything was going well until my brother one day needed to trade items from my account to his and I happened to be too busy at work to help him. As not as good as it might sound on your head while reading a post from a stranger that got his items stolen, try to think about the context of what happened next. My brother with the urgent need of trading my items decided to ask help to the clan leader, again is not just another player from server is a clan leader. He as soon as got the items traded kicked both my brother and I from clan and kept items (RB jewels). After a couple of days we hoped that he will eventually make up his mind and return the items, but even after telling other clan members about the issue and having heard that members will talk with him, he never turn the items back. Just wanted to let everybody know the power that comes from having a player own a clan that its eventually necessary to have better stats in game. I believe this kind of behavior and misuse of the gaming style allows to create not a healthy and friendly playing environment, unless admins here allow to have either mafias or gangs in server. As a suggestion I believe that solutions like the recent post that emerald did about having stores in siege castles with better prices/items are better incentives. They actually go along the bases of a clan which are recruiting the best players you can in order to win sieges and farm together to improve. This direct power given to a clan and clan leaders in general is just a tool for regular users to create corruption and as we all know we don't live in a perfect world and there is always that guy who abuses because knows in the bottom that there will be no punishment. I hope this post will be useful and create awareness for everyone. Looking forward to read your comments, answers, Best, Jm (Abuelo)
  4. Buenas.. hace unos dias entre al clan Mein (el lider es mdma y Adrenaline) jugue con ellos hicimos farm les pague yo y mi hermano 2k de adena para poder entrar y en fin.. yo necesitaba pasar unas joyas para otro char y le pedi el favor al LIDER (mdma) que me las tubiera para pasarla al otro pj cuando voy a logear a sacado a los dos pjs del clan y se ha desconectado por favor emerlad pido ayuda porque se supone que son lideres de clan y esta el respeto de por medio se que es mi culpa po confiar pero agradesco puedan ayudarme gracias! PLEASE HELP MY