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  1. calm down please Shot00037.bmp
  2. Nelu


    i'm so tired of famous ppl around here. i don't need hero to rip your ass, trust me can't wait to see u this weekend at olympiad games
  3. Nelu


    ye, i didn't lost hero this week because i didn't played, it's not true. My dad/cat/dog/cousin/neighbour played and lost all my points. stop making excuses
  4. same problem too i replaced files from another server and then again ovc files and now works.
  5. Nelu


    random ? you are a famoous guy and i don't know ?
  6. stop complaining about all clases. there's good balance, even with that op cancel.. everyone wants his class to be op, stop trying to change things here.
  7. Nelu


    Can u increase cancel reuse ? It's too op !
  8. Nelu

    NPC mobs

    make dagger, 2 skills on every mob
  9. Nelu


    For noblesse we need rank 5 or 10 ?
  10. Nelu

    LF Clan

    Dagger LF clan, Order. ty