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  1. New photo in the Facebook L2 OVCOn the part of comments.


    gm please fix archer damage is very op. OR THERE IS NO RESISTANCE IN SERVER L2 OVC
  3. [size=medium][b]hello gm please fix the damage hits little wizard ... I have a daemon crystal +7 +10 lvl 80 skill Soultaker all+ 10 and set DC+6 .... I play against a human peliar archer with bow top A +8 makes me the damage damage by arrow 2600 and I will do 400 damage damage by hechiso ..... all the server archer is that there is now SeT plated leather (+4 STR -1 CON) :( ... put you to offset the SeT daimon +4 INT -1 WIT ?? :s (use degree c which has casting ensima no use and is very low pdef very low if you roll a hit you flechaso 4000 damage) archers use leather in SeT plated (c) I will throw a hechiso nothing I hit them 400 damage.:s Please fix the goalkeeper gm or low resistance that an archer has +5 B jewelry set has mdef 1200 and only magician makes him harm 400. Please wrong this gm. SOMETHING FOR ALL SERVER ARE DOING BOWMAN PD: Sorry gm please but this area resembles a l2 server archer now .... the top magicians are doing server subclass of human archer (Ej: PornStar)[/b][/size]